Scaramouche abilities leaked ahead of Genshin Impact 3.3

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The leaked abilities of Scaramouche point towards a powerful elemental support with big burst damage potential.

After years of anticipation, the Sixth of the 11 Fatui Harbingers Scaramouche is finally becoming a playable character in Genshin Impact. The mysterious character was introduced in the very first Falling Stars event in Genshin Impact 1.0, and he will now be available as a five-star in version 3.3. Leaks have already revealed his abilities, materials, talents, and more, so here’s how to get ready for his upcoming banner.

Scaramouche’s element is anemo while his weapon is a catalyst, which disproves many fan theories about his element and weapon. This is a unique combination that has yet to appear on any character.

Scaramouche the Wanderer abilities explained

Scaramouche’s elemental skill, which has yet to be named, introduces a new form of movement to the game. Scaramouche levitates above the ground while moving and attacking. This will make him useful for climbing stepped cliffs and dealing with airborne enemies, and the ability to proc swirl off of basic attacks could make him coveted in certain team compositions.

The duration of the ability is tied to a new kind of stack called Sky-Dweller. Starting the ability appears to grant 100 stacks with attacks and movement depleting it. What little footage we have seems to indicate an alternate charged attack as well, but only Scaramouche pullers will learn the mode’s abilities when he releases in Genshin 3.3.

As for Scaramouche’s elemental burst, leaks depict a fairly plain burst similar to fellow Anemo-user Venti. It summons a massive blast of anemo energy, dealing damage and distributing elemental reactions through them all. It also appears to instantly end his flying elemental skill. It could consume remaining stacks to buff damage, but that could still pose a problem for certain elemental setups.

Scaramouche will have three passive abilities as talents:

  • Jade-Chained Flower – Scaramouche gains different buffs depending on what elements his skill swirls with.
    • Hydro – +20 Sky-Dweller points
    • Pyro – +30% attack
    • Cryo – +20% crit rate
    • Electro – .6 energy gain from attacks
  • Gales of Reverie – 16% chance to gain Descent on hitting enemy during elemental skill with increasing odds
    • Descent – Sprinting during skill costs no points and triggers a special multi-target homing attack
  • Strum the Swirling Winds – -50% Mora cost for upgrading bows and catalysts

With all this info in mind, it appears that Hoyoverse wants players to use Scaramouche as an anchor support meant purely to amplify elemental relations. He provides very little utility outside of pipe dream healer builds, though elemental reactions continue to define the game’s high-end content. The only way to learn for sure is to pull for Scaramouche in version 3.3.


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