Call of Duty Warzone nuke contract

Call of Duty: Warzone players call out devs for impossible Champion’s Quest

By Olivia Richman


Apr 6, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Call of Duty players are accusing the new Champion’s Quest of being broken.

Rebirth Island was re-released in Call of Duty: Warzone, bringing a fan-favorite classic map back to the battle royale. To celebrate this momentous moment, developers also introduced a new Champion’s Quest to give gamers a chance at earning a nuke.

While this initially sounded like an exciting update, it has largely led to frustration from the Call of Duty community, with many calling on developers to change it.

Champion’s Quest is impossible, here’s why

The new Champion’s Quest is already very hard on its own. To earn this reward, players have to win five games in a row or win 30 matches in total. This required a lot of grinding and a focus on performance, making it quite difficult to begin with.

But then many players noticed that even after winning five consecutive matches, they were not completing the Champion’s Quest. That’s because there’s a contract you must complete on Rebirth Island after — and you only have 10 minutes to do it.

You must collect four elements to build the nuke, and each element takes about eight minutes to spawn on the map. To reduce that time, you have to down enemies, interrogate them, or purchase items. Unfortunately, many gamers noticed that the reductions were still not enough to make it possible to collect all four elements in the 10 minutes they were given.

This has led many to call the Champion’s Quest “broken.” Some have even questioned if there’s a bug impacting it. Others have resorted to spammy actions as the only way to complete the challenge, which doesn’t equal having any fun with it.

“It’s insanely difficult and stupidly cheesy as you essentially need 150K and to wait until a firesale, then buy as many plates as you can to tick the timer down on the three elements,” one player noted on Reddit.

This type of gameplay clearly doesn’t require any skill and is instead seen as a bit tedious and frustrating. For this reason, players have called on developers to remove the buy station timer reduction and buff the time reductions players get from killing enemies or opening chests. This would maybe encourage gamers to play aggressively and actually use in-game skills.

Developers have not commented on the super difficult Champion’s Quest themselves. But fans are holding out hope.

Said one YouTuber: “They’re gonna fix the contract. No shot this was the way it was intended!”