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C4 explosions will be deadlier in CS2

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 29, 2023

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If you thought the skill ceiling in CS2 was lowered to accommodate new players, you couldn’t be more wrong. Valve may have shifted the whole meta by making C4 more impactful. 

C4 is an explosive device in CS, which often becomes useless in fast-paced ranked games where players are too confident in their aiming skills. In pro play, save rounds are boring, proving nothing for the viewers to enjoy once CTs decide that retaking is a lost cause. 

All of it will change in CS2 as Valve has increased the bomb explosion AoE and damage. This game-changing update would significantly impact the meta and viewer experience. 

Valve increases C4 explosion radius in CS2

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Remember the corner next to the vents in Nuke where Ts would save their weapons? Well, it’s no longer safe. In CS2, everything within a 2,000+ hammer unit radius of the C4 is dangerous. This means Overpass waters, Mirages b-short, and Nuke’s site corners are all risky spots to hide for the Ts. 

This is indirectly a nerf for the T-side players, who’ll now have to risk a ninja defuse by leaving the site before the 10-second marker if they want to survive and save precious AK-47s. This should allow CTs to be able to farm more exit kills and even go for a risky ninja defuse, which is currently a rarity in CSGO. Ts would stick on the side for as long as a 5-second marker since there are currently so many ways to survive an explosion. 

However, CS2 will force players to take C4 more seriously. While the community is mainly upset with the change, some are trying to look at the bright side. For viewer experience, this change adds tons of spice to CS2. For example, CTs would also be risking losing their pricey weapons to ill-timed ninja defuses. 

Not just that, defusing the C4 would become more doable, and fans would see more action-packed retakes. This change would put C4 at the center of gameplay, at least in esports, making CS2 matches way more entertaining.

However, Valve may likely roll out significant tweaks to the radius. It may remain higher than CSGO, but some changes may affect it to make it more MM-friendly.


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