Brigitte and Doomfist suffer nerfs in latest OW patch

Rebekah Drake • December 12, 15:00

A new Overwatch patch is now live across all platforms, bringing a mixture of buffs and nerfs for various heroes, most notably crowd control nerfs for Doomfist and Brigitte.

Torbjorn, McCree, and Bastion have all been buffed for 1.31 as the Winter Wonderland seasonal event goes live.

Brigitte’s Shield Bash will now be less effective at stunning enemies, as it will no longer travel through or stun targets hiding behind shields. This should make her a little easier to counter, and will allow shielding tanks to better protect themselves and their teams against her.

Doomfist has two adjustments that both act as nerfs to his combos. The first reduces the loss of control enemies experience when knocked into the air with Rising Uppercut, with the stunning effect only lasting 0.6 seconds instead of three. The second reduces the distance Doomfist can travel with his Seismic Slam ability, down to 15 meters from 20.

Torbjörn’s Molten Core damage per second has been increased, as developers felt that it wasn’t powerful enough to deter enemy players. Instead of doing 130 points of damage per second when standing in lava pools, affected players will now receive 160 damage.

Bastion has received two offensive buffs to counter the hero’s lack of escape ability. Recon mode received an increased ammo clip, and Sentry mode’s primary fire now has a tighter firing spread, increasing accuracy at distance.

McCree now deals more damage, with his Fan the Hammer alternate fire dealing 55 damage per individual shot instead of 45. This should help the Western-themed hero to bette deal with opponents at close range.

In addition to the changes listed above, new champion Ashe has received an update to her golden gun. When players purchase the competitive reward, her sidekick B.O.B now shines in match gold as well.


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