Brazillian LoL team Redemption allegedly refuses to pay Korean players

By Olivia Richman


May 15, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Two former Redemption eSports Porto Alegre players from Korea have accused their contracted organization in Brazil of not paying them. 

Choi “BalKhan” Hyun-jin and Im “Patrick” Jin-heyok both tweeted yesterday that they’ve been waiting for payments from Redemption for over two months. Instead of working out a solution, the organization is allegedly ignoring the players’ attempts at reaching out. Due to this unfortunate situation, which mirrors what happened to BalKhan previously with Galatasary Esports last year, BalKhan has retired from professional League of Legends. 

“I can’t trust anyone anymore. I won’t be a professional gamer anymore,” BalKhan tweeted on an abandoned Twitter profile. 

BalKhan then warned his followers to not let a similar situation happen to them. He stated that the same thing happening two years in a row has made it hard for him to compete and thus “unable to concentrate.” 

BalKhan left Redemption in April 22 due to health and travel concerns, leaving to be with his family in South Korea. He apologized for bringing up his financial problems and wished for everyone to be happy and “feel better.” 

Patrick, who appears to still be a part of the organization, responded with a tweet of his own, stating that they tried to be understandable and considerate. But now he can’t wait anymore. 

Redemption responds to players’ unpaid claims

After Patrick and BalKhan came forward, Redemption’s founder, Angelo Tellechea, responded with a statement of his own. 

According to a translation, Tellechea explained that there had been an “internal disagreement,” but that the players had the right to demand payment. 

“I am giving the necessary urgency to resolve everything in the shortest possible time. Nothing but appreciation for the players. A serious mistake on our part and they are correct to demand the [payments],” Tellechea said. 

Patrick and BalKhan both joined Redemption in December of 2019. Redemption finished eighth in the CBLOL Spring Split this year, their worst performance to date. They finished in third place in 2019. 

Galatasaray has been accused multiple times of not paying their players’ salaries. The most recent time was last December, when Lee “GBM” Chang-seok came forward with claims that he hadn’t been paid for the last three months. Since then, Galatasaray has been kicked out of the TCL as a result. 

Smaller organizations in smaller League of Legends competitions have long been accused of similar behavior. LJL organization Pentagram was accused by former players of confiscating their passports so that players would get arrested if they spoke out against the team. Incidents like these have the League of Legends community hoping that Riot Games will start focusing on corruption in their various leagues and competitions around the world.