Brawling Reckoner could be the next legend to hit Apex Legends

By Quentyn Kennemer


Aug 27, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The next Apex Legends character could be Reckoner, someone akin to a martyr, with details of an aggressive kit being spotted in the game files for the Iron Crown update.

According to the leaked data, Reckoner seems to reward players for engaging in close-quarters combat. Their passive ability, Shield Blast, makes that obvious by providing area-of-effect damage upon the player’s shield being broken.

This opens up several interesting combat possibilities, including activating shield cells during a fight to force another proc of AOE damage.

One could also couple the passive with the Shield Stealer tactical ability. With it, the player would fire off a beam that would drain an opponent’s shield and restore a bit of theirs on hit, a potentially quicker and safer proposition than trying to pop a quick shield cell in the middle of a fight.

Most interesting is the ultimate ability. Called Gravity Orb, it seemingly acts as mobile cover that bends the trajectory of incoming fire.

Reckoner would be an anti-meta character in Apex Legends’ current climate. The building camper Wattson — combined with mentor Caustic — came just as Respawn Entertainment increased late-game play zone damage, giving rise to snipers.

This new environment is hazardous for those who prefer a more intimate playing style, as scaling the battlefield to deal damage is more dangerous than ever, and there’s still the threat of deadly traps even if you do make it that far.

As with all character leaks, the wait for Reckoner may be lengthy.

With 14 unreleased characters said to be floating around, developer Respawn Entertainment has tons of options for building out the Apex Legends roster. The slow release cadence may grate on the impatient, but one can also appreciate Respawn’s cautious approach to new legend releases.

It gives time to perfect characters and ensure gameplay is fun, balanced, and free of major bugs. Compare it to Epic Games’ strategy with Fortnite, which introduces new gameplay features and items on a weekly basis, sometimes to the game’s detriment, such as with the recent and controversial B.R.U.T.E. mechs.

Respawn has stopped just shy of confirming a second character launch for Season 2. Many thought it might happen with the launch of the Iron Crown event, but with that now having come and gone, everyone’s back to square one of the guessing game.