Blizzard reveals new overwatch hero Ashe

Milo Webb • November 2, 13:38

A new hero is coming to Overwatch and is bringing with her a special friend.

Blizzard revealed the 29th hero to join the game’s roster during a cinematic at BlizzCon 2018’s opening ceremony. Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe is the leader of a dangerous band of outlaws known as the Deadlock Gang. She is a western-themed hero similar to McCree, and will be joining the DPS class of heroes.

Ashe’s kit includes a semi-automatic rifle called The Viper. The gun’s primary fire consist of quick peppering shots, while the alternate fire shoots slower and stronger shots.

With her first ability, Ashe throws a bundle of dynamite that detonates either after a short delay or immediately upon being shot. Targets that are caught in the explosion are set on fire and will take damage over time.

Ashe’s second skill is a backup firearm that deals moderate damage, but its real benefit comes from the ability to knock enemies away while propelling Ashe backwards.

The headline of Ashe’s kit is her ultimate ability “B.O.B.” Activating this ability summons Ashe’s lumbering omnic bodyguard, who charges forward knocking enemies up into the air. He then lays down suppressing fire on nearby enemies for a brief period of time before retreating.

The BlizzCon cinematic also teased another character that may get a future release named Echo. Little is known about her aside from her name and cybernetic design, but her look is similar to an early concept drawing titled “Iris.” Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says the character is still a work in progress. Kaplan also announced that there are six other heroes currently in development.

The Overwatch team is hard at work tweaking Ashe before she goes live. For now, she is playable on the PTR for PC users.


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