Blizzard collaborates with UNIQLO for brand new Overwatch shirts

Olivia Richman • June 4, 23:00

Blizzard has joined forces with UNIQLO once again to create a collection of Overwatch-themed graphic tees. 

This year, the collection features 12 unique designs from a handful of Blizzard’s most popular games. Five of the shirts are Overwach-themed, and three of those shirts feature D.Va. One of the shirts features her signature bunny logo on the breast pocket. A black tshirt sports D.Va and her mech that reads, “Love, D.Va!” The third is a white shirt with D.Va brandishing her Blaster. 

UNIQLO Overwatch shirt collection D.Va

D.Va isn’t the only Overwatch hero to make an appearance in the new collection. One t-shirt features Moira’s clawed hand and an orb floating above her fingers. Wrecking Ball also got his own design. The white tee reads, “Blam! Blam! Blam!” with a caricature of Hammond blasting off his Quad Cannons. 

UNIQLO Overwatch shirt collection Wrecking Ball Hammond

There are also a few shirts depicting more than one hero, like a black shirt featuring Snowball and D.Va’s mech. Then there’s an arcade-inspired shirt that shows a few different heroes in pixel form, some with hearts over their eyes. This design appears to also have characters from Blizzard’s other titles as well, and champions from other games. 

UNIQLO Overwatch shirt collection

Last year, Blizzard collaborated with UNIQLO to create 15 designs inspired by their games. They were, like this year’s collection, announced around the game’s anniversary event. This year’s UNIQLO collection will become available on June 7. 

Last year, Blizzard also released an Overwatch brick set around the same time. Any other collaborations have yet to be announced this time around. 

The $14.90 shirts can be found here


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