Betting on esports: What are the trends?

By William Davis


Dec 18, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

What are the current betting trends in esports?

Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. There is an ever-growing number of players competing in major tournaments, which means that many are being led to betting on these events.

Because of its popularity, there are many who are placing wagers on their favorite games, events, and even players. They are finding that there are a number of opportunities available to them. However, this is just one of the many trends in the esports industry. Here are some of the biggest for those looking to bet on these events.

Ability to place wagers at casinos

When there is a lot of action at casinos, there is no doubt that the events are popular ones. Gamblers are able to place wagers on their favorite esports events, both through a land-based casino and the internet.

In fact, online casinos are a popular destination for many who are looking to place wagers on these events. Now, players no longer are restricted to playing table games or slot machines. They can use these online casinos, such as, to place wagers on these events. Because of the great bonuses and other incentives these sites offer, they are a great place to go to place a bet.

Number of betting opportunities increasing

What is making esports even more popular is the fact that there are numerous opportunities to place wagers these days. The size, scope, and frequency of esports tournaments is growing across the globe.

These leagues have taken some of the most commonly played online games and have turned them into major leagues. This has seen large tournaments being played out in front of packed crowds, driven by non-endemic sponsors. Some events pay out millions of dollars in prize money to top finishers.

With these leagues drawing significant viewership, leading sportsbooks are offering the opportunity to place wagers on these events. This is a significant trend that is expected to only become more prevalent in the coming years. 

Game developers catering to gambling

One of the most interesting trends that is developing in the esports industry is that game developers are recognizing that these online games are becoming a popular option for people to place wagers upon. As a result, they are monitoring the regulated gambling industries, paying attention to types of bets offered, where people are placing bets, and what types of tournaments or events are drawing the larger crowds.

This has some publishers fostering a relationship with the betting industry in hopes of esports helping to popularize the games. In theory, this could grow to a point where gamblers are led to the games by improvements and innovations that entice them to want to wager upon the events, which leads developers to want to create even more features that will entice gamblers to come to the game.

It is also leading game developers to create products based upon popular games played outside the esports world. For example, games like darts and horse racing are becoming popular in the iGaming sphere, because they are well known and draw gamblers to the game because they are familiar with the sport itself. This is helping to expand the number of leads and games that are available.

People becoming more tech savvy

Innovation and technology are growing rapidly. This is improving the quality of games, but what may be more important is that it is increasing the number of opportunities for people across the globe to get involved in these games.

Access to high-speed internet and sophisticated networks are available in almost every country on the planet. This is giving everyone the opportunity to not only play these games, but also to place wagers upon them. Fans are getting the opportunity to cheer on and bet on their fellow countrymen and women in these events, something that was limited even three or four years ago. This is only helping to expand the betting market on esports.

The changes in esports are truly exciting. This is an industry that is seeing a rapid growth and is only expected to get bigger with each passing year. At this rate, it would not be surprising to see it become as popular as basketball and football.


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