Best Valorant agent duos according to your playstyle

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 28, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant is a team-based game which relies heavily on agents’ abilities to get through a round.

In this tactical FPS, aim alone cannot carry your way to victory. Most people team up with a friend to maximize their chance of success, but selecting the right pair of agents is equally as crucial as tagging along with someone of the same mindset.

In Valorant, agents have different abilities that have limited charges. The efficacy of these abilities can be boosted when paired up with the right agents to help create plays and strategize around the map. 

Here are a few duos that could help players win rounds in full lobby competitive games according to passive or aggressive playstyle. 

Killjoy and Cypher – The passive double sentinel 

Killjoy Cypher duo

Riot’s introduction of Killjoy made site control much easier on the defensive side. While Cypher was a must-have for site control thanks to his kit, Killjoy took the place of the one-person surveillance network in a team comp.

The Morrocan spy was replaced with the Genius of Germany courtesy of her unique abilities which damaged the opposition while gathering information and holding an area. However, both the agents synergize quite well.

The Sentinal duo is not only good at holding a site, but the alarm bot and tripwires provide a cushioning from the back during a site execution as well. KJ’s Nano Swarm, when synergized with the Morrocan spy’s information gathering ability, could net a passive-aggressive kill on attack and defense.

In a world where duelists and smokers are instantly locked because of their visible support to composition, this duo of defense is a perfect pair for players with a defensive and team-oriented mindset.

Jett and Skye – For aggressive plays 

These two agents are powerful enough to open a site and defend the spike all on their own. Their kits altogether have almost all the abilities that a high or low ranked player need to bag rounds.

For example, on B Long of Ascent map, players can gather information to facilitate Jett’s push by using Skye’s trailblazer. The initiator’s flash can also abet Jett to leap in on enemies and catch them off guard. Skye’s generous kit allows Jett to keep her smokes till the end of the round to block off enemies from retaking a site. 

Raze and Breach – a passive and aggressive duo

Raze Breach Valorant

Raze and Breach can be a deadly duo when it comes to opening a site. Raze’s kit has all the fitting ingredients to burst open a bomb point. Her boombox and Paint shells can heavily tag an enemy and even kill them if the enemies are caught off guard.

When combined with breach’s flashes, Raze’s aggressive play can easily help take site control. Not just flashes, but Fault Line is also a remarkable ability to daze the players, making them vulnerable to Raze’s destructive playstyle. 


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