Learn the best Valorant agent for you according to CSGO styles

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 12, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Aim makes or breaks the game in most first-person shooters. However, to truly master a game, it’s important to understand all of its attributes. Crosshair placement in Valorant may help veteran Counter Strike: Global Offensive players to win a few rounds, but agent abilities can still be an alien concept for them. 

Valorant has a vast number of CSGO migrants. Ex-CSGO players who have moved to Riot’s shooter are finding some easy wins thanks to the similarities between the two games. However, the addition of agents with vivid backstories and unique powers that set them apart from each other requires a deeper understanding of the game. These abilities, when used correctly, can overpower a CSGO player with good aim. 

Instead of randomly picking an agent, players may want to dig a bit deeper into the agent abilities. Here are the ideal agents for you to pick according to your CSGO play style. 

Entry Fragger – Raze

If you were an entry fragger in CSGO that relied on aim and often succeeded in opening a site, Raze is a viable choice. Since Raze’s abilities are highly destructive but usable only once, her death while pushing a point won’t overly affect team utility.

Entry Fragger – Jett

Jett is the ideal pick for an entry fragger that relies heavily on movement, speed, and unorthodox positioning in CSGO. The abilities of Jett allow her to be unpredictable at times. This combination of skills and pure aim is one of the reasons why she is picked heavily by ex-CSGO pros including Matthew “Wardell” Yu and Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. 

Second Entry – Reyna

In terms of self-sufficient fragging, Reyna has a high pick rate among solo duelists. Reyna’s flashes can assist the first entry player to open a site, and in an unfortunate case of an entry fragger losing a duel, Reyna mains are quick to trade. Due to her healing ability, Reyna can be a consistent killing machine, making her a poor pick for first entry as entry fraggers are more likely to die before using such utility. The soul-sucking agent can efficiently use the information gathered by the entry fragger to bag multiple kills while following up. 

Lurker – Cypher

In CSGO, a lurker plays a crucial role in cutting down rotations, and Cypher is one of the best when it comes to staying behind enemy lines to gather valuable information. The spy cam can be used aggressively as well as to watch out for flanks, while the tripwire and cage provide much-needed control to prevent enemies from sneaking up on teams from behind. 

Support – Omen

Omen’s smokes can be extremely useful for the team’s fraggers when they are trying to push into the bomb site. Unlike other controllers, Omen’s smokes can travel through the walls, allowing him to make plays and block site entries. Paranoia can also assist fraggers in pushing in on enemies with reduced vision, making it easier to score needed kills. 

IGL – Sage 

Although anyone with good map knowledge can call the shots, it is generally considered best if the in-game leader can survive until the end of a round. Sage has a unique ability to heal and bring the dead back to life, making her valuable enough to stay behind, keep the team alive, and strategize mid-round. 


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