Avatar 2

Avatar 2 animated series confirmed, release date revealed

By Olivia Richman


Dec 24, 2022

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The Avatar anime has been iconic since it came out back in 2005, and it looks like long-time fans will finally be getting a sequel.

According to a trusted source, Avatar Studios is working on Avatar 2, an original animated series that will continue to follow the avatar story. Details have come out about the highly anticipated anime, including the release date, where it will stream, and some information about the anime’s timeframe.

What is the release date for Avatar 2?

There is currently no specific release date, but Avatar 2 is set to come out in 2025. It’s also been revealed that an animated movie that follows the same characters and era will come out the years after the show streams.

The same source has stated that Avatar Studios is also releasing a movie starring Aang in 2025. This movie currently has a set date, which is October 10. This is part of a “bigger plan” the studio has. If this is true, the insider believes that the show will come out in November or December, since the studio wants to release the animated series after the movie.

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Where can you watch Avatar 2?

Avatar 2 will allegedly be coming to Paramount+. This is the same streaming service that also hosted Halo’s live action series, which wasn’t a huge hit with gamers.

What is the plot of Avatar 2?

Not much has been shared when it comes to the series’ plot details, but insiders have said that it will take place after The Legend of Korra, following a new avatar’s journey. The timeline will be roughly 100 years after Korra’s time and considered the universe’s present day.

While it’s definitely hard for Avatar fans to wait until 2025, there is a confirmed live-action series coming out in 2023. This one will feature Aang, the original Avatar from the first series. This series may get a second season in 2025 as well.


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