Asuna dominates in Valorant Champions Tour, trends on Twitter

Jessica Scharnagle • March 8, 17:35

100 Thieves’ Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk has been on fire lately.

Even after a loss to FaZe Clan in the VCT Challengers 3 grand final, was still trending worldwide after his performance against Luminosity Gaming. The victory gave the team the 2-0 victory 100 Thieves needed to continue on to compete in the grand final against FaZe Clan. There were multiple points in the game where fans were clutching their chests with excitement, but the best of the night was when Asuna’s teammates all went down around him, and Asuna found himself in a one-on-three situation. 

Asuna shocks fans with insane 1v3 clutch

Ethan “Ethan” Arnold, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, and Joshua “steel” Nissan all went down very quickly, leaving Asuna by himself against three Luminosity Gaming foes. The spike had already been planted and 100 Thieves were the defenders. Shortly after his teammates were downed, Asuna found his first kill in Kaleb “moose” Jayne, then followed it with a headshot on Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond. Finally, he got a blind kill on Brady “thief” Dever by shooting his Blast Pack over the top of the crate with Raze’s ultimate ability, Showstopper. 

The amazing clutch came alongside a number of other individual plays by Asuna over the weekend. He hit a separate ACE during the match against Luminosity Gaming and also pulled off a huge clutch against NRG Esports a day before. Though Valorant esports is jam-packed with former stars from a variety of titles, the 17-year-old Asuna is looking like one of the best in the world despite just a bit of experience in Counter-Strike.

100 Thieves’ Asuna trends on Twitter after huge weekend

After Asuna’s incredible clutch and various exceptional plays against Luminosity Gaming and NRG Esports, his name started trending on Twitter. “Viewers praise the performance of Asuna for 100 Thieves during the Valorant Challenger series,” the trend said. For anyone following the Valorant competitive scene on Twitter, their feeds were bombarded with people screaming about Asuna’s individual skills. People were sure going into the match against FaZe Clan that 100 Thieves would come out the victor, but they ended up losing the grand final match 3-0. 

Although 100 Thieves lost against FaZe Clan, they are still a team to be feared going into Masters. With Asuna and Hiko able to run wild and create clutch plays, there’s no telling how unstoppable they’ll be on match day. During the VCT Masters tournament, they will compete for points that will later qualify them for Valorant’s first world championship event.


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