I Am Legend 2

Are there two endings in I Am Legend 2?

By Olivia Richman


Aug 9, 2023

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I Am Legend is often considered one of the most iconic zombie movies in the genre, thanks to the realistic backstory, emotional moments, and intense scenes. But a lot of science fiction fans hated the ending. For those fans, there is an alternate ending that is a lot more accurate to the 1954 novel the movie is based on.

Will Smith and a German Shepherd star in I Am Legend, the most successful adaptation of Richard Matheson’s apocalyptic novel. While it brings a lot of Matheson’s horrifying visions to life, the ending of the film was not faithful. The novel has the main character, Robert Neville, dying by suicide after feeling the immense guilt of killing so many of the vampire-like zombies who have formed their own society in the book.

In the theatrical release of Smith’s, I Am Legend, Neville tries to find a cure for the zombies, but the seemingly ravenous mutated humans crash into the laboratory. Neville sacrifices himself to take the zombies out with him, allowing survivors Anna and Ethan to escape. This version did not satisfy fans, who felt that Neville was painted as a hero rather than a villain who hunts down zombies like he was viewed in the novel.

I Am Legend alternate ending explained

The movie’s alternate ending had a lot more in common with Matheson’s novel.

Unlike the theatrical release, Neville realizes in the alternate ending that the zombies are actually still quite intelligent instead of just mindless flesh-eaters. He realizes they all communicate with one another and even have their own society, just like in the book.

In the alternate version, Neville learns that the zombies have invaded his home in order to save one of their own — the zombie being used as a “test subject” while Neville attempts to find a cure. In this version, Neville lets the test subject go as he realizes he’s actually a villain.

But instead of killing himself like in the book, Neville decides to abandon the research and heads to Vermont with Anna and Ethan.

According to director Francis Lawrence, the team chose the ending that everyone saw in theaters because test audiences reacted negatively to the version where Neville realizes he’s a villain.

Is there an I Am Legend 2?

I Am Legend 2 was confirmed earlier in 2023.

According to directors, I Am Legend 2 will continue where the alternate ending left off instead of the theatrical cut, seeing as that’s the one where Neville is still alive.

Unfortunately, not much else is known about I Am Legend 2. No release date has been announced. The plot is also a mystery, with fans wondering what Neville will do with the cure he brought with him to Vermont. Some believe Neville will try to protect the zombies from other humans or maybe there will be a conflict over whether they should be cured or left to live as they are.


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