Are Europeans paying too much for RP in League of Legends?

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 30, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

It’s currently more expensive for European players to buy Riot Points (RP) compared to the North American LoL players, and this has some users complaining to developer Riot Games.

After a recent post about RP prices on social media, fans are slowly starting to realize that the RP prizes on the European servers are exceptionally high compared to the North American server. Because of differences in currencies, EU players are currently paying up almost 20% extra for RP because the Euro has increased in value compared to the US Dollar recently. 

Riot originally adjusted the RP prices back when the Euro and US Dollar was close to even in value, but since then the Euro has seen a rise in value. Currently, $10 USD is the same as around €8.5. This means that North American players are currently getting their RP cheaper.

One of the most popular RP packages is the one with 1380 RP, just enough to buy most types of skins available in the shop. The package costs $10 on the North American server, while Europeans also pay €10 on the EUW and EUNE servers.

RP has been around since League of Legends was introduced as Riot’s main way of earning money through the free-to-play game. Riot usually adjust the RP prices once per year to account for adjustments in taxes and inflation, but now might be a time to make even bigger changes.

The problem of paying the same digits for games, in-game currencies, and other game-related features in the West is nothing new. The same problems have occurred on platforms such as Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox, where games and other purchases are often valued the same in Euros and US Dollars despite differences in how these currencies are valued.

Riot has not yet commented on the matter.    

Riot Points

What is RP in LoL?

RP is short for Riot Points, which is one of two currencies in League of Legends. RP can be used to buy anything in the LoL client shop such as champions, skins, summoner icons, and more. RP is considered the premium currency in League of Legends because it costs real money to unlock. The other currency is Blue Essence, which can be collected by playing the game for free. 

Can you get free RP?

It’s very hard to get free RP. The RP system is supposed to make money for Riot Games, which means that they very rarely give out RP for free. Getting free RP would require some special circumstances where Riot decides to give players free RP in compensation. This happens very rarely because Riot usually gives out chests, keys, or other loot instead. It’s possible to get RP through gift cards and codes, which makes it possible to ask for RP as gifts. 

How much does 1350 RP cost?

To get 1350 RP, a player must buy the package with 1380 RP total. This package will cost €10 on the European servers and $10 on the North American server. This package will provide enough RP to buy most of the skins in the game. 


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