League of Legends is raising the price of RP in some regions

By Melany Moncada


Jul 7, 2020

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Riot Games is updating the prices of RP on July 15, and the change will affect several regions.

Riot is increasing the global pricing of RP to account for tax laws, inflation, and other related issues. This update usually comes at the beginning of the year, but the developer decided to postpone it due to ongoing economic slowdows across the world. The regions that will see a straight increase in prices are Latin America and Brazil.

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The new prices in Latin America will vary from country to country. Latin America is divided into two servers, while Brazil has its own server. Together, these three servers represent 17% of the League of Legends player base.

There are currently discrepancies in the pricing of RP in Latin America and North America. NA players pay $100 for 17,000 RP, while players in LAN would pay $80 for the same amount of RP. 

Before the price changes, League of Legends is running a promotion on its in-game store. Players that buy RP before July 15, 1:00 PM PDT will receive double extra bonus RP. Buying the 2600 RP bundle grants 400 bonus RP, and so on. This promotion is available for all regions.

TFT Mobile also changes its prices

TFT’s mobile version recently introduced its own version of a store, offering Little Legends eggs and other cosmetics. Regardless of the cross-platform play, TFT mobile doesn’t use RP or Blue Essence, but real-life money. Players must complete any purchase through the App Store or Play Store, depending on the OS.

While prices between TFT mobile and desktop are similar, Riot will be fixing any price discrepancies that may exist between some regions.

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New Zealand, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Egypt will see a decrease in the prices in their regions, with some of the decreases being as great as 20%. In Latin America, the prices in TFT mobile will go up, meaning that no matter what game mode they play, Latin American players will soon be seeing increased prices.

All of the affected prices changes will go into effect on July 15.


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