Arcane lead says Season 2 has been in production for months

By Nicholas James


Dec 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Arcane’s first season was a smash hit with League of Legends fans, critics, and new viewers alike. The second season was announced shortly after the first concluded, but a recent interview has revealed that Arcane Season Two was in production months before the first season even came out.

In an interview with, Animation Lead for Fortiche Studios Alexis Wanneroy says that the timeline of Arcane’s production varied wildly. The first episode was finished as a pilot two or three years before the next episodes were produced. This explanation helps to clarify Arcane’s six-year timeline, with a large gap between the pilot and Riot committing to the full show.

Arcane season two already deep into production

During the interview, Wanneroy mentioned that Fortiche has already been working on the second season for several months.

It seems as though once Riot decided to commit to the rest of the episodes in the first season, it decided to continue the production cycle clean through the first season’s release. League of Legends fans were already theorizing that season two had been in production for longer than it seemed due to the teaser for the second season involving some voice lines that weren’t included in the first season.

Arcane season two will continue from the cliffhanger ending of the first season, with Jinx launching her Super Mega Death Rocket at the chambers of the Piltover Council in an act of retribution for Silco. From the teaser, Caitlyn and Vi will continue to hunt the renegade Jinx for her part in the attack on the council and there might just be some extra intrigue related to the fate of Vander.

No matter what Fortiche and Riot are setting up for, it won’t be out until 2023 at the very latest. Riot Games’ CEO has confirmed that while Riot Games is fully committed to multiple seasons of Arcane.

It’s also been hinted that Fortiche is working on multiple projects for Riot, including some outside of Arcane. There’s no official announcement of what these other projects are or when they’ll be completed but thanks to Arcane’s quality, League of Legends fans should get excited.


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