April Fools comes early to Overwatch, brings googly eyes to heroes

By Morten Marstal


Mar 31, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

It’s already April 1 in some parts of the world and that means that April Fools jokes are circulating. Overwatch is no exception.

Last year, Reinhardt players were in for a surprise when they typed in chat. Instead of normal text, players would submit their text in all caps, several exclamation points, and a random Reinhardt phrase to follow.

This year, the prank is much more noticeable. The developers have taken the hilarious “put googly eyes on everything in your fridge” prank and turned that into “put googly eyes on everything in Overwatch”.

Not only does every character have googly eyes, but some objects do, too. BOB is no exception to the rule and is summoned to the map donning some crazy eyes that even Gritty couldn’t match. Torbjorn’s turret also got this treatment, making it look more like a character than a turret. Even the robots in the practice range have been brought to life with crazy, moving eyeballs.

Perhaps the funniest skins to don the eyes are the Halloween skins. Doomfist’s new San Fransisco Shock Grand Finals skin, Thunder, is also a sight to behold.

The change has been well received by fans, many of whom are stuck at home because of government orders in reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak. Overwatch League just announced the cancellation of all of its homestands for the rest of the year, so the April Fool’s prank is a welcome addition to the community.

Fans are having a blast experimenting with these skins and are sharing the results on social media. Blizzard hasn’t officially acknowledged the change as an April Fools day prank. Because the change wasn’t announced, it is unclear how long this will be in effect.

Odds are that it will not stick around for long, so fans that want to take a look at this fun little addition to the game ought to hop on soon.