San Francisco Shock championship skin Thunder debuts for Doomfist

Morten Marstal • March 24, 23:46

Blizzard has finally released the San Francisco Shock’s Championship skin, which debuted in a Tweet with a short animation of Doomfist, the hero that received the special skin.

The San Francisco Shock won the Season 2 Grand Finals championship in 2019 over the Vancouver Titans. The Shock and Titans had feuded throughout the season for the top spot in the league. Vancouver had appeared an early favorite, but San Francisco came on strong as the year progressed. The competition, which was held at the Philadelphia Wells Fargo Center stadium, was short-lived.

The Shock came out of the gate literally swinging with Jay “Sinatraa” Won’s vaunted Doomfist. The series ended in a dramatic 4-0 sweep, and the Shock easily took home the trophy. It was an emphatic statement by league MVP Sinatraa and his Shock teammates.

No details have yet been released about Sinatraa’s Overwatch League MVP skin, which was leaked by the player to be a Zarya skin. Recently, on a stream featuring Sinatraa and Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, Sinatraa asked about his skin and further asked if they could reveal who it was, but Kaplan declined. The skins are both completed, but only the Championship skin has been officially revealed thus far.

The Doomfist Championship legendary skin is called Thunder and is available for purchase from March 26 through April 9. Fans can purchase the skin through the game’s Overwatch League tab in the menu. Thunder will cost 200 Tokens, which are purchasable through in-game.

The skin itself features Doomfist wearing a rocky exterior that covers a glowing interior. On his head is a headpiece and a symbol that resembles the Shock’s logo. His armor is a brass color and his fist is a black and purple color, which also features a rocky design. His face is that of a demon. His mouth features exposed teeth that jut out of his skin with no lips to cover them, his nose looks like an orc’s, and his eyes glow a hellish yellow and orange hue. 

No release date for Sinatraa’s MVP skin has been offered, but fans are expecting a reveal shortly because of Kaplan’s confirmations that both skins are completed. 


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