Aphromoo on leaving 100T: “Not being in a gaming house is a plus”

By Olivia Richman


Jan 27, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Dignitas came back and dominated in their second match of the 2020 LCS Spring Split, easily beating Evil Geniuses. That advanced the team to 2-0 on the season and established Dignitas as a squad to watch out for. 

Veteran support  Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black was quick to point out how much cleaner their play has gotten since their previous game, and noted that it’s only getting better from here. 

How do you feel about your victory over Evil Geniuses today? 

Aphromoo: Today was a lot cleaner. We knew we could easily stomp those guys yesterday but we still had first-game jitters. It just took getting our first game on stage done. Coming into this next game, we felt a lot more calm. It definitely paid off. 

What do you think helped you guys dominate EG? 

It was a by-product of all the practice we’ve been doing. Coming in, everyone was well-versed in their role and contributed to the team. Nobody was carrying everyone else. Everyone was putting in towards the effort and feeling really good. We all had good individual performances and know what to do as a team. 

Johnsun was performing really well and doesn’t seem too nervous about being on the LCS Arena stage. Did you guys give him any advice going into this season? 

On the first day, yeah, he was really nervous. He had mouse problems, too, so he wasn’t playing as normal. I noticed it instantly. He came up to me and said he would play better tomorrow.

I have full confidence in him. He’s consistent. He plays extremely well. He felt like Johnsun himself today. We got a lot of free stuff that game. But he always pulls through when games are close. 

Why do you think people have been underestimating you guys all season? 

A lot of us had not as much success last year. That was a major contributor. Me on 100 Thieves. Coming in and meshing new personalities together. Vibrant personalities. People just didn’t think it would work. But everybody here just wants to win and work together. We all understand what it takes to be a cohesive team and strive for victory. 

You were criticized a lot for your performance in 2019. How did you feel coming into the 2020 season? 

I definitely took a step back and humbled msyelf. Last year wasn’t great, that’s for sure. This off-season, I focused on individual play and what I needed to do to really perform and be competitive again.

It was a lot more patience. Listening more. Especially having new teammates and how they want to play lanes and snowball the map. 

 How do you think you rank as a support this season? 

If you don’t think you’re the top suport, I don’t know why you’re playing the game.

How is the environment with Dignitas different from 100 Thieves? 

100 Thieves had the gaming house. Now I’m in my own apartment, going from home to work instead of being at the gaming house. It’s a lot more freedom than before. I think it’s a plus and helps everyone play better. I had been doing team houses for eight years. Now I’m doing the commute to work and being home alone. It’s really nice. 

Do you feel any pressure going into 2020 season with Dignitas after how Clutch Gaming did in 2019? 

No, I don’t feel pressure. Dignitas just restarted from the ground up and wanted to build a whole new foundation. They put together all new players here now, and are just looking to build towards the future. I’m really happy with where I am and all the coaches, staff, and my teammates. 

What are your team’s strengths? 

Everybody is just really fucking good at their role. They got it down pat. There’s not much else to say. The coaching stuff is also really good. Everybody is just so good. 

Which team are you looking forward to facing the most this season? 

Team Liquid isn’t at full capacity yet. But when they practice with Broxah, definitely TL. But definitely Team SoloMid and Cloud9. They’ll be fun to play against. 

How do you think that will go? 

It’s going to be even. C9 definitely brought it to TL in the first match. It was exciting to watch. They have a really good read on the meta. They’ll be one of the top teams. 

But you think you guys can take them on. 

Oh yeah, definitely.