Apex Legends Voidwalker event highlights Wraith, offers new skins

By Milo Webb


Sep 11, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Interdimensional skirmisher Wraith gets a starring role in the new Apex Legends event, Voidwalker.

The event began on September 3 and features a limited-time game mode, new map area, and series of cosmetics all related to Wraith and her origin story.

Armed and Dangerous is the Voidwalker event’s game mode where loot is highly limited and all weapons are restricted to snipers and shotguns. The new area of the map is an underground facility known as Project: Wraith, located in Kings Canyon.

The abandoned facility is present in Stories from the Outlands. In the short, Wraith is searching the laboratory for the scientist Amer Singh who oversaw Project: Wraith. Unable to locate him, she retreats using her Dimensional Rift.

Wraith then comes across an alternate version of herself who remains imprisoned and helps her escape. The initial Wraith is injured during the prison break and stays behind to cover her exit. The short ends with the alternate version of Wraith leaving the facility and entering the battlegrounds of the Apex Games.

Voidwalker was announced only a few days after the controversial Iron Crown event concluded. During the Iron Crown event, players could initially only acquire cosmetics through random loot boxes, and only two boxes could be earned through in-game achievements. This forced players to purchase any remaining loot boxes with real world currency in hopes of getting the skins they wanted.

The situation devolved into public bickering between Respawn Entertainment employees and Apex Legends fans on Reddit.

Following extreme community backlash, the developer assured fans that things would change in future events and offered players the ability to buy Iron Crown skins outright. This approach returned for Voidwalker, with the limited edition skins being made available for purchase in the in-game shop for 1,800 Apex coins.

The Voidwalker event will conclude on September 17 so players still have time to grab the event-exclusive items they want.