Apex Legends tease hint at changes coming to the World’s Edge

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends Season 10 is right around the corner and foreshocks of future events can already be observed throughout World’s Edge. 

Season 9, known as Legacy was released in May, and it brought tons of stuff to dig through. The end of the season is now approaching, with teasers hinting at a seismic event that will potentially change the World’s Edge. 

Credible Apex Legends dataminer kralrindo was the first to leak the audio logs referring to a tectonic event that will reshape the current landscape. The short clip hinted at an “Earthquake” about to hit the World’s Edge, potentially destroying the existing POIs. The leaks also included memos from a person named Bilal, who was later found to be one of the Apex developers. 

“Whole World’s shaking. Finally got Hammond to run tests. Why is no one else freaking out?” Bilal’s memo said. 

More messages from Bilal warn that Harvester activity is being saddled on Talos arena, a location in the World’s Edge. According to him, the planet is “cracking apart” to purge the evidence as it’ll be harder to find it amidst the catastrophe.  

The initial leaks included cryptic voice cues and audio logs, but recent teasers hint at a bigger disaster about to shake up the Apex universe. The season 10 teaser gives a peek inside different locations shaking and crashing due to a massive Earthquake. This likely means that a destructive event is coming to the World’s Edge in Season 10. 

Since Season 6, the map hasn’t seen any significant update, so players should expect some massive geographical changes for the World’s Edge. While the tremors around the underground locations of the countdown are still faint, they’ll likely become severe during the final few weeks of Season 9. The leaker says that the teasers will become more frequent, with a brand new tremor dropping on July 18. 

While the teasers indeed hint at changes coming to the World’s Edge, nothing is set in stone yet. The developer could be building the Apex Legends narrative in a brand new way for Season 10, which is set to begin on August 3. There’s still plenty of time, so expect more foreshocks and ominous teasers. 


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