Apex Legends Season 4 adds new legend Forge, changes ranked tiers

By Steven Rondina


Jan 23, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends Season 4 is coming, and with it comes a new legend.

Following in the footsteps of Wattson and Crypto, the fourth Apex Legends season will launch alongside new playable character Forge. The legend was revealed in a developer update from Respawn Entertainment alongside a number of other changes for the next update.

Forge will be a fairly significant departure from the other legends released since the game’s launch in early 2019. The character has the look a professional wrestler, something Respawn Entertainment game writer and former WWE creative writer Tom Casiello acknowledged in the video. He also has a massive and metalic left arm reminiscent of Marvel Comics hero Cable.

Casiello discussed that Forge’s motivation for competing in the Apex Games is straightforward, as he will be looking to conquer a new frontier after establishing himself as the greatest pugilist in the world. There were also teases that the worlds of Apex Legends and Respawn’s other series, Titanfall, will be be brought closer together which is teased with Forge being sponsored by Hammond Robotics.

No abilities were discussed for Forge, but having a major focus on his physical prowess instantly sets him apart from the rest of the cast. Though every legend is physically formidable, Forge’s storyline background in hand-to-hand combat could open the door for him having abilities built around his melee attacks.

Apex Legends Season 4 bringing new weapons, map changes

Forge won’t be the only big change in Apex Legends Season 4. The developers also highlighted a new weapon, the Sentinel.

The Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper rifle. Though the team didn’t go into great depth on how the weapon will function, they teased that it will have a charge mechanic that will force players to pick and choose their shots. This makes it sound like the Sentinel will work like Widowmaker in Overwatch or the Sniper in Team Fortress 2, who have sniper rifles that are weak initially, but gain power while scoped in for a certain length of time.

There will also be unspecified changes to the map, which will also likely bring Apex Legends and Titanfall closer together.

Finally, there will be multiple changes to ranked matchmaking for Apex Legends Season 4.

The first that was detailed is the Master Tier. This replaces the Apex Predator tier, which is being redesigned to exclusively include the top 500 players on each platform. Players can be forced out of the Apex Predator tier if another player exceeds their ranked score for the season, regardless of their own performance.

The other feature that was detailed is that the different maps from each season will be playable during splits The ranked season will be divided up into different splits, which will see different maps featured with Season 3’s World’s Edge map running from February 3 to March 23 before King’s Canyon returns for March 24 to May 5.

Apex Legends Season 4 is set to launch on February 4.