Apex Legends ring damage decreased after players voice concerns

Olivia Richman • June 14, 19:30

Respawn Entertainment is making a big change to Elite Queue based on player feedback. 

Elite Queue is a new LTM for Apex Legends players who place in the top five of their previous match. To add to the difficulty of facing all tougher teams, Respawn also increased the circle damage as an extra layer of intensity. 

But Apex Legends players weren’t happy. Now, Respawn Entertainment has assured their fans they are listening. For once.

The developers tweeted out that the first circle in Elite Queue will now do damage equal to seven percent of a player’s max health per tick. Before, it was at 15 percent. That won’t happen now until the second circle. The third circle will do 20 percent damage per tick. Players skillfull enough to make it to the fourth round and beyond will have to really work to avoid the remaining circles, which will do 25 percent of their max health per tick. 

This still sounds a bit challenging, but it may be necesary. 

After the Elite Queue was released, players found some less than impressive ways to make it into the top five teams. As other remaining players got in teamfights in the battle zone, sneakier participants would camp out in the ring, using various items to heal. 

Despite Respawn’s good intentions with the change, many players pointed out that the high damage fix forced them to use an abundance of resources. This would make players who survived the ring forcibly look for loot, which can be very dangerous in the end game. Others stated that they weren’t able to have long-ranged fights due to the intense ring damage. 

Elite Queue may now be a bit better balanced. 

Apex Legends players can enjoy this LTM until July 2, when the Legendary Hunter event ends. 


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