Apex Legends Legendary Hunter event information has been leaked

By Olivia Richman


Jun 4, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends’ Legendary Hunter event has been leaked after Respawn Entertainment announced it at the end of May. 

The event will go live in a few hours, but fans were apparently not able to wait. A player posted screenshots to Reddit that outline the update’s challenges and the potential rewards. Similar to competing battle royale title Fortnite, new epic skins will be unlocked upon the completion of these new challenges, which run through June 18. 

Players who finish in the top five in any mach will receive the Legendary Hunt Badge. If a player finishes at the top of an “Elite Top 5” match, they will unlock a rare skin for the Wolfpack G7 Scout weapon. If they finish in the top five on five different occassions, they’ll receive the an epic Bloodhound skin, Master of the Hunt. Players who win twice will get their hands on the Legendary Tamed Beast Triple Take weapon skin. 

The Limited Time Mode includes “Elite Queue,” which allows players to join a match that only contains opponents who also finished in the top five of their previous matches. In order to stay in this queue, players must continue to finish in the top five. Finishing in the top five will also grant an entire Battle Pass level once per day. 

To further please Apex Legends players who’ve grown frustrated with the Season One Battle Pass’ slow level-up system, there will be a double XP weekend starting on Friday, June 7. 

Two Legendary skins will also become available throughout the duration of the Legendary Hunter event. Wraith can now sport the “Night Terror” skin, which features glowing eyes. The R-301 also received the “Legendary Honored Prey” skin. 

Players with the Season One Wild Frontier Battle Pass will automatically receive the weapon skin. Apex Legends fans can only unlock the limited time Wraith skin if they reach level 15 or above on their Battle Pass before the end of the event. 

This LTM is a big deal for Apex Legends players, who have spent the majority of the game’s lifespan discussing lack of updates