Apex Legends mid-season event confirmed, sparking PVE rumors

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For the second season in a row, Apex Legends is hosting a mid-season event.

Electronic Arts discussed its plans in a recent investor’s call. The company stopped just shy of offering any hard details, but the event will commence at some point in the middle of August.

As many fans have predicted, EA CEO Andrew Wilson suggested that mid-season events might become a standard part of the Apex Legends schedule. While Apex likely won’t ever offer the constant changes that Fortnite does, this should keep the game from becoming monotonous midway through the season.

Wilson went on to confirm that the event would “deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex.” He stopped short of saying what that feature is, but that line sparked a great deal of discussion over what’s in the works.

Could an Apex Legends PVE mode be coming?


Since the game’s release, Apex fans have longed for more flexibility in team sizes and queue options, and many are wondering if that “fan-requested feature” might be solo or duo modes. While Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment designed the game to be a perfect trios experience, the lack of alternative matchmaking options is a glaring omission from the game relative to its peers, with both Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offering solo, duo, and squad options.

Fans are also wondering if a PVE mode, similar to Fortnite’s Save the World, might be inbound.

Season Two introduced some PVE elements to Apex’s battle royale experience with winged creatures that carry loot boxes and the huge leviathans that stomp around on the map. It is possible that these creatures could be a test run for a larger push in that direction, and at least one prominent Apex Legends data miner believes that this is where the event is headed.

Whether one, both, or neither of these things come into existence, fans can still look forward to some interesting new content in the near future. There has been chatter about two new characters in Crypto and Buddy, and the addition of a new weapon or two is a very real possibility.