Apex Legends developer to patch hit registration and audio bugs

By Rebekah Drake


May 13, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

A new community check-in from Respawn Entertainment has been published by community manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette, offering fans of the game some insight into the ongoing development process.

The latest update reveals that the Apex Legends team is largely focusing on quality of life updates at this point, including the improvement of hit registration and various audio fixes.

One of the first points addressed by Jayfesh is the hit registration problems that players have been experiencing in-game. The development team has been looking for a specific bug that may be causing hits to not count during games, and instead have found a number of problems within the game that are contributing to the problem.

The development team has been able to replicate and solve a mismatch in animations between local game clients and the server. These differences in animated poses accounted for the server not registering hits made in the game client, and fixes will be deployed in the next patch.

Jayfresh warns that while the fix will make for a clear improvement, it may not yet be a complete resolution to the problem.

Apex Legends will also receive an improvement to server times, according to the community manager. Some players had been experiencing extreme lag and slow motion at the outset of games, and in an attempt to resolve the problem the Respawn team has been looking into potential hardware fixes. Servers have now been updated, which should help with game response times.

Another big quality of life fix that the team has resolved is with audio glitches. The next patch to Apex Legends will improve a number of stuttering and distortion glitches with various sound effects within the game. There will also be an improvement to footstep sounds, though Jayfresh did not go into further details on this.

Most of the changes listed above will come into effect with the next Apex Legends patch. While server side hardware fixes should already have led to an immediate improvement within the game, the next update will also contribute significantly.