Apex Legends Market skin

Apex Legends collaborating with Market on limited edition skins skins

By Olivia Richman


Nov 9, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The Apex Legends Market crossover is now live, bringing an abundance of skin bundles to battle royale fans.

While Apex Legends doesn’t have as many crossovers as other battle royales, the game is no stranger to collaborating with other IPs, including Star Wars and Mass Effect. In season 11, Apex Legends has decided to do something groundbreaking by collaborating with LA fashion company Market.

Alongside this, Market is set to bring Apex Legends to life with real-life outfits based on the characters from Apex Legends. These skins are available for a limited time, with a run from November 9 to 23.

Apex Legends Market skin bundles

Wraith: Ringside Skin Bundle

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Features in the bundle:

  • Legendary Ringside Wraith skin
  • Legendary Hammer Down Wingman skin
  • Legendary Acrobat emote

The Wraith set is a very strange one. To some degree it’s meant to look like a boxer with the title belt and trunks, but then has pop art leggings and a raglan-style hoodie with leopard spots.

Bloodhound: Sundown Desperado Skin Bundle

Features in the bundle:

  • Legendary Sundown Desperado Bloodhound skin
  • Legendary Hunter’s Call emote
  • Epic Phoenix Fire Hemlok skin
  • Epic Crossed Swords skydive emote

Bloodhound’s Market skin dresses him up in black matte tones with red accents. It also has a general cowboy theme which doesn’t really fit the character, but does stand out from most of their other skins.

Lifeline: Mic Check Skin Bundle

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Features in the bundle:

  • Legendary Mic Check Lifeline skin
  • Legendary Regal Strike G7 Scout skin
  • Legendary Bobblehead Lifeline Weapon charm
  • Epic Bust a Move emote

Lifeline carries around her drumsticks and the Market skins steer into that for this Apex Legends favorite. She has a speaker on her hip and an old-school microphone positioned right in front of her face on the straps of her backpack.

Gibraltar: Booming System Bundle

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Features in the bundle:

  • Legendary Booming System Gibraltar skin
  • Legendary Beat Dropper R-99 skin

Ever think that Gibraltar would’ve made a great DJ? No? Well, someone at Market did because they made a fun one for the tanky legend. His shield is turned into a turntable and he has some huge headphones as well.

Mirage: Night Crawler Skin Bundle

Features in the bundle:

  • Legendary Night Crawler Mirage skin
  • Legendary ‘Identity Theft EVA-8 skin
  • Legendary Selfie emote

Mirage’s Night Crawler bundle looks quite a bit like Wraith’s new set, with a general black and yellow look. Mirage’s isn’t quite as elaborate however, but should be an interesting option for anyone that mains him and has money they’d like to burn.

How much are the Apex Legends Market bundles?

The Apex Legends Market crossover bundles cost 3,950 apex coins each, which is approximately $40. Gibraltar’s skin bundle is cheaper because it only has two legendary items. It will cost players 2,950 apex coins, which is around $30.

Players can also buy the skins separately from the bundles, which brings the cost down to 1,800 apex coins. The Market Bundle is 6,000 apex coins, or $60. This includes every legendary skin aside from Gibraltar.