Apex Legends bug allows safe entrance into leviathan legs

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends players have unearthed a glitch that allows one to hide inside the leg of a leviathan, the big monsters that invaded the King’s Canyon map as part of Season 2.

Players can stay inside as long as they want while the leviathan repeatedly stomps the ground, trying to catch anyone who looks to snag the loot beneath its foot.

The bug was uncovered by a user on Reddit. To execute it, an Octane player sets a trap for Wraith. Wraith then sets her portal in the air where the leg would be. Once the leg comes crashing down, you and your team can go through for front row seats to all the action around them.

Thankfully, players seemingly can’t do anything but view their surroundings from within the beast. At one point, the demonstration showed one of the players attempting to shoot out into the world around them, but the bullets appeared to ricochet off the inside of the giant leg.

Regardless, this glitch is serious. It could give teams a considerable advantage by keeping them out of harm’s way while everyone else in the match kills each other.

Respawn Entertainment is likely aware of the exploit. One of its developers chimed in on the Reddit thread, noting how sad they’d be if players started abusing it.

While there hasn’t been any hard confirmation that action is being taken to remedy the glitch, it’s safe to say that fixing this bug is high on Respawn’s list of priorities. That same developer threatened to ban anyone who uses the glitch to their advantage, especially in the game’s new competitive Ranked queue.

The emergence of this bug is troubling for core fans. The competitive community is already on edge about the uptick of cheaters in not only Apex Legends, but also other popular battle royale titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Respawn can ill afford to suffer the consequences of an agitated community. After Season 1’s letdown and a lukewarm reception to the second season, a flaw like this could be fatal to the health of the game if left unchecked. 

There shouldn’t be much cause for worry, though. Respawn Entertainment has been quick to address game-breaking bugs in the past, so players will be hoping that it won’t be long before this one is patched.