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Angle Snapping can help you aim better in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It’s possible to achieve the perfect aim in Valorant despite accidental wrong movements and errors. Angle snapping can help pop heads! 

Valorant is all about aiming and accuracy. No matter you good you are at the utility, you need a crisp aim to win high-stake duels at the end of the day. Old-time players eventually build muscle memory to find heads, but new players may struggle. Even some regular players run into movement errors that lead to whiffing shots. 

What if we tell you all of this is avoidable? Angle snapping in Valorant lets players aim precisely by removing unintended errors. 

What is Angle Snapping in Valorant? 

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Angle Snapping is a feature available in select models that anticipates the mouse movements and creates a smooth line toward that path, removing unintended errors. In Valorant, it can help with aim placement. 

If you find yourself whiffing shots because of handshaking, sweating, or random debris messing up your movement, Angle Snapping could help. It predicts the direction of the mouse and ensures that it happens smoothly, even if your hand trembles. It basically ignores all unintended movements, boosting precision. 

How to turn on Angle Snapping in Valorant?

Angle Snapping isn’t a feature that is provided in Valorant. Instead, it’s available in some mouse models. You may turn on Angle Snapping from mouse software to achieve aim precision. 

Not all mice have Angle Snapping. However, you may find this newly sought-after feature in some mouse models by these brands:

  • Lioncast
  • Corsair
  • Republic of Gamers

Is Angle Snapping bannable in Valorant? 

Angle Snapping is not bannable in Valorant, yet, at least. It’s a feature available in some mice for many reasons. Some people with hand movement issues use it to draw art and get their lines straight. For this reason, Angle Snapping isn’t precisely a cheat. 

It’s worth noting that turning on Angle Snapping won’t exactly provide an aimbot. However, it makes a slight difference to movement and works best for those already decent at aiming. Angle Snapping won’t aim for you. It’d just assist in aiming better. 

Those already good at aiming would likely find this feature slightly disruptive in executing the complex movement. Angle Snapping is purely based on prediction and anticipation, so it may influence any unusual jumps and stunts for pro gamers.