All you need to know to prepare for League of Legends Season 11

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Season 11 in League of Legends is right around the corner, and it’s coming with big changes to items, ranked play, the in-game shop, and more. 

The new season won’t just be a big change because of the usual ranked reset, but also because of the big item overhaul that will hit the live servers in the preseason. Players will get a few months to adjust to the new items before Season 11 kicks off and opens up for the next ranked grind. 

A lot of changes are right around the corner, with lots of dates to keep track of. To make the process a bit easier, here is everything worth knowing about League of Legends Season 11. 

When does LoL Season 10 end?

Before jumping into the big preseason patch, Season 10 has to end first. The season officially ends on November 10, which means that there are only a few days left to grind the ranked ladder for rewards. 

November 10 will also be the last day before the big preseason patch hits the live servers. The patch includes the biggest item overhaul ever seen in League of Legends and many other new things. More about the changes for the next season below. 

What are the ranked rewards for LoL Season 10?

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As always, the end of the season comes with a lot of cool ranked rewards. This year, Lucian is in the spotlight with his newest Victorious Lucian skin that will be rewarded to all players that manage to hit Gold rank or higher. 

The skin will come with different in-game chromas, that can also be earned through ranks. The chromas will be awarded for each rank a player manages to reach above Gold. The chromas go all the way up to the Challenger Chroma, which is awarded to the absolute best players on the server. 

There will also be a ranked icon, ranked profile banner trim, and an Eternal Lucian series 1 permanent for every player who completes the ranked placements for either solo or flex queue. The icon and profile banner will match the given rank for each player. 

According to Riot, the ranked rewards will be awarded beginning November 11, but it might take a few weeks for everyone to receive their prices. 

When does LoL Season 11 start? 

The start of Season 11 is still a few months away, but there will be plenty of things to do until then. Before the season officially starts, players will have to go through the preseason and learn all the new changes for next year. 

Players will also be able to play ranked to improve the MMR, but the ranks gained/lost during the time will be reset no matter what at the start of Season 11. The official start date for the next season isn’t yet set, but it will likely be on January 6, 2021.

The official start of Season 11 will include patch 11.1 and be followed up by the new ranked season shortly after. 

What changes are coming to LoL in LoL Season 11? 

The changes for Season 11 are plenty, which is why Riot gives players time in the preseason to learn all the changes for items, runes, and more. The biggest change for the preseason is the big item overhaul, which will change the whole item system. 

Earlier this year, Riot introduced new Mythic items, which will be the cornerstone of any build in Season 11. According to lead gameplay designer Mark “Scuffy” Yetter, there will be a total of 23 Mythic items, 13 new Legendary items, and nine new Epic items. Besides that, there will be a large number of reworked items as well.  

Furthermore, there will be some additional changes to the ranked system. Riot will be removing division promos, which means that players can now go back and forth between divisions without long promotion series. 

Duo queue will also be removed for every player at Master rank and above, with the purpose of keeping high-ranked spots for the absolute best individual players on the server. Lastly, Riot will be improving general matchmaking. 

The Season 10 ranked season will end on November 10, followed by the preseason patch 10.23.