All you need to know about Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and 5

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

PlayStation and Minecraft is a perfect match, but there are key details about the game that everyone should know.

Minecraft is practically an essential game on the PlayStation. Whether playing the game for relaxation, adventure, or socialization, Minecraft is a perfect way to end the day, even if survival mode offers plenty of opportunities for frustration.

For those interested in picking up the sandbox game on PlayStation, there’s a few things to know beforehand. Here’s the price, edition, and crossplay capabilities of Minecraft on PlayStation.

How much is Minecraft on PS4 and PS5?

Minecraft is currently $19.99 on the official PlayStation Store. That price is for the full version of Minecraft with no limits, but also no extras. To play online, PlayStation Minecraft players will also need to purchase a PlayStation Plus prescription. Players who want to give the game a try without committing to the 19.99 asking price can download the demo for free. That’s not asking much to try out Minecraft on the PS4 or PS5.

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In addition to the demo and base versions, there’s also the Minecraft Starter Collection which costs $29.99. This version of Minecraft on PS4 costs more than the standard version, but it comes with the first skin pack, the Greek mythology mash-up, and the Little Big Planet mash-up. It also grants 700 tokens for purchasing other Minecraft PlayStation content.

Is PlayStation Minecraft Java or Bedrock edition?

PlayStation Minecraft runs on a modified Bedrock version of the game.

All legacy consoles have slight tweaks to the game to accommodate platforms. For example, PS4 Minecraft players spawn with a map since they can’t view XYZ coordinates like PC players. 

There are also additional gameplay changes like faster minecarts and different nether wart generation. The PlayStation 4 version of the game comes with all current updates and will continue to receive them for the foreseeable future. 

Does Minecraft have crossplay on PlayStation?

Since PS4 and PS5 Minecraft both run on the Bedrock version of the game, they have full crossplay compatibility with every other Bedrock platform. The following is a list of all the consoles and devices that PlayStation Minecraft can connect with.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kindle Fire
  • Windows Mobile
  • Xbox
  • Switch
  • PlayStation

While this should cover the majority of players’ needs, PlayStation players notably cannot play with PC players. The computer version of Minecraft runs on Java and has several different elements including custom textures, skins, and gameplay changes.

Is Minecraft on PS5?

PS5 users can play Minecraft using the PS4 version of the game.

As of this writing there is no PS5 version of Minecraft. The PlayStation 4 version of the game can be installed on a PlayStation 5 and played without issue. The only issue is that the PS4 version will not have compatibility with new features on the DualSense controller.


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