All Timely Accessories explained for Final Fantasy XVI

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Timely Accessories are a unique difficulty modifier in Final Fantasy XVI, but not all of them are created equal.

Final Fantasy XVI has raised plenty of eyebrows with its completely overhauled combat system. Some traditional RPG fans have had a difficult time adjusting, but developer Square Enix anticipated this situation before the game’s bombastic launch. Timely Accessories are the game’s difficulty slider. These unique rings apply special effects designed to lower the difficulty of the game in exchange for taking up accessory slots. Here’s how 

All Final Fantasy XVI players start the game with access to Timely Accessories, and players who choose story focus at the start will begin with all of them equipped. Other users will still get the items in their inventory but will have to manually equip them. Up to three of them can be active at any given time, giving players a chance to personalize their smoother FF XVI combat experience.

All the Timely Accessories explained in Final Fantasy XVI

The Ring of Timely Evasion is the most straightforward of the Timely Accessories in Final Fantasy XVI. It replaces the dynamic combat dodges with automatic evasion as long as the player isn’t attacking. This is probably the most impactful of all the options and is the closest the game has to an easy mode.

The Ring of Timely Focus is a more involved version of Timely Evasion. Instead of automatically dodging attacks, it slows down time briefly before an enemy strike connects. This allows the player to dodge attacks without worrying about reaction speed.

Managing Torgal is one of the more intense parts of FF XVI combat, but the Ring of Timely Assistance turns it into an automatic system. The loyal wolf will automatically attack enemies and draw aggro from crowds with this ring equipped. This is especially useful during staggers, as it allows both Clive and Torgal to tag team the enemy without worrying about managing two characters at once.

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The Ring of Timely Strikes is another highly-impactful Timely Accessory. It replaces the complex combo system with an auto combo, which allows the player to dish out damage with the repeated press of a single button. When combined with the Ring of Timely Evasion, players can change combat to be nearly automatic.

The Ring of Timely Healing eliminates the need to manually consume potions and other healing items during gameplay. As soon as your health reaches a certain threshold, players with this ring equipped will automatically consume healing items from your inventory. This is arguably the least impactful Timely Accessory, but it still removes a part of gameplay to the benefit of the player.