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All the Streets of Tarkov extracts and how to find them

by | Jan 20, 2023

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Reading Time: 5 min.

Streets of Tarkov is the newest Escape From Tarkov map to hit the live servers, and it’s the largest map yet, here are all the Streets of Tarkov extracts and how to find them. 

Streets of Tarkov is the highly urban and enormous new map added to Escape From Tarkov in the new patch. For many players, this means getting to know a brand new environment and, most importantly, where to extract from a match in order to get out with their loot alive. Here are all of the Streets of Tarkov extracts and how to easily find them in order to escape in time. 

Streets of Tarkov Extracts

Streets of Tarkov is the most urban map that has been added to Escape From Tarkov. There are tons of huge buildings, winding staircases, and difficult-to-navigate passageways. If you’re just loading onto the map for the first time, you’re best off navigating by using the large buildings scattered throughout the map as landmarks for where you are and where you need to go. All of the extracts are on the edges of the map, so you’ll generally need to cross through the center of Streets of Tarkov in order to get out alive, which puts you in the sights of several mounted machine guns and prime ambush spots, so be careful where you tread as you head through the main intersections of the map.

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Scav Extracts 

Basement Descent

Basement Descent can be found in the Northwest corner of the map. It’s a small brick building with a red door on the lowest end of a set of stairs in front of the large residential building that takes up that corner of the map. The Basement Descent extract can be taken from in front of the door, and the brick shed gives some amount of cover from incoming fire.

Entrance to Catacombs 

Entrance to Catacombs can be found in the middle of the Eastern flank of the map. The entrance is in the white stone building marked as #1 Malevicha street, simply enter the open building, head down the stairs, and hang a left around the corner of the ruined basement hallway to extract.


The Sewer extract can be found on the Southwestern portion of the map, on the short end of the “L” that makes up the Concordia building. There’s a grassy garden bed in front of a black metal fence with a sewer lid embedded into the grass. Run over to the lid, and you’ll be able to extract. 

Ventilation Shaft 

The Ventilation Shaft extract can be found on the southern side of the walkway in front of the cinema that sits in the Southeastern corner of the map. If you’re looking at the cinema from the front, you’ll see a grey stone console with a triangular roof on the right side of the closest garden area to the cinema. Run over to the southern side of the ventilation shaft and you’ll extract. 

PMC Extracts 

Collapsed Crane

The Collapsed Crane extract is found just north of Sewer in the construction area on the western flank of the map. It’s easy to see, as it is what it says on the tin, an enormous collapsed crane. Approach the crane and you’ll quickly find the area


The Courtyard extract is on the southern side of the cinema. There’s a large courtyard inserted into the residential and commercial building to the south of the cinema, head to the far side and you’ll extract promptly, as long as there’s a green flare active outside of the extract.

Damaged House

The Damaged House extract is on the northern side of the Cinema, simply follow Verhnyaya Sadovava street all the way past the north of the cinema and turn north towards the destroyed house to extract.

Evacuation Zone

Exactly what it sounds like, the Evacuation Zone can be found on the southern portion of the Concordia buildings at the far end of Razvedchikov Street. Looking at the Lexos building from the middle of the map, follow the diagonal road heading Southwest and extract at the end. 

Klimov Street

Klimov Street is one of Tarkov’s conditional exits, so unless you bring the right equipment, you won’t be able to take it. Klimov Street can be found in the very northeastern corner of the map, so head east of the Pinewood hotel and then directly north. In order to extract here, you’ll need to enter the Signal Area, which is marked by a pop-up on your screen, and fire a green flare into the air from a flare gun in order to open the extract.

Primorsky Ave Taxi

The Primorsky Ave Taxi is one of Tarkov’s vehicle exits, so bring 5000 rubles and be the first one there or it’s gone. Head down the main road in the middle of the map as far south as you can and hope the taxi is still there when you get to it. 

Scav Checkpoint 

The Scav Checkpoints is just west of the Basement Descent Scav extract. Head to the very Northeastern corner of the map, inside the enormous residential and commercial complex, find the large tunnel filled with reinforced shipping containers and fences covered in caution tape, and leave.


Directly opposite the Primosky Ave Taxi exit, Underpass is two extracts direct on either side of the Northern end of Primorsky Ave. Find either door on each side of the end of the road, head below the street inside via the stairs, and you’ll find the extract.

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