Alissa Violet posts nude photo after receiving hacking threats

By Olivia Richman


Oct 6, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

An extremely suggestive photo was uploaded onto streamer Alissa Violet’s Instagram, leaving fans both curious and concerned. 

Currently sitting at over 12,700 likes on YouTube drama account The Bread Batch, the Instagram post has Violet posing topless with her hands covering her exposed breasts. 

Although Violet is a model who often dresses scantily in her own Instagram posts, a straight nude seemed unusual. Many fans began to speculate that it was her ex, FaZe Clan co-owner Ricky Banks, who might have leaked the photo out of spite. 

The two split in July for undisclosed reasons, but followers noticed that Violet had unfollowed Banks after he admitted to sleeping with YouTube star Tana Mongeau on a podcast. Both parties denied that it was Bank’s past with Mongeau that led to their breakup. 

“I love Tana and I knew about everything when we first started dating two years ago,” she tweeted. “Literally terrible timing.” 

No matter what caused the breakup, it apparently wasn’t reason enough for Banks to leak nudes out of jealousy or spite. 

The Bread Batch posted some direct messages from Violet, which stated that “it literally had nothing to do with Banks. It’s not true.” 

So if it wasn’t Banks, what’s going on? 

Violet shares nude photo after being threatened by a hacker


“A hacker was threatening me to leak it, so I just posted it,” Violet told The Bread Batch. 

While there isn’t any proof offered to support this explanation, Violet wouldn’t be the first YouTube star targeted by hackers. Makeup guru James Charles and YouTube commentary star Shane Dawson have also had hackers threaten to leak their nude photos. 

It’s unclear what the hackers want in return for not sharing the naked photos they allegedly have access to. 

Charles even lost his Twitter verification after hackers used his Twitter account to praise killer Ted Bundy and to threaten to expose other YouTube celebrities. Once he regained his account, Charles posted his own tasteful nude on his Twitter, stating that he didn’t want it to give hackers any leverage over him again. 

“Get a life,” Charles said. 

The hackers, who may or may not be the same group, posted Nazi sympathizer tweets to Dawson’s Twitter account. They also attempted to make it seem as though Dawson had sexually abused cats. 

Deceased Super Smash Bros. YouTube icon Desmond “Etika” Amofa also had his Twitter account fall victim to hackers. While it’s not clear if they’re the same hackers targeting all of these YouTube stars’ accounts, they all happen to use the word “chuckling,” which makes it seem like the same person or group of people is likely to be responsible for the continued harassment. 


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