Akuma SF6

Akuma confirmed for Street Fighter 6

By Olivia Richman


Mar 12, 2024

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Street Fighter 6 is finally getting one of the most desired fighters, Akuma.

Capcom recently announced some exciting updates to Street Fighter 6 during a live stream, including the (unsurprising) reveal of Akuma. As one of the most popular fighters in the iconic fighting game series, fans were not shocked to see Akuma — but they were still excited.

“The legendary Akuma will consume all hope, fear, and nothingness when he comes to Street Fighter 6 this spring,” Street Fighter 6 announced on Twitter.

In the accompanying trailer, a voice tells the tale of Akuma, claiming “hundreds of opponents” have fallen by his hand. We see the popular fighter training for a fight, the floor trembling beneath him with every stomp and punch. He then releases a massive fireball and a fiery uppercut that sends him flying through the air.

When is Akuma coming to SF6?

At the end of the trailer, we are told that Akuma will be coming on in the spring of 2024. No exact date was given, but some believe it will be sooner than expected.

It’s surprising that one of the most popular characters wasn’t included on the main roster. However, developers most likely knew that fans would be willing to pay for Akuma as DLC since he is an iconic antagonist.

For now, no official move list has been revealed.


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