A huge Valorant bug lets teams pick the same agent twice

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Players have seen absurd bugs in Valorant, but this new one takes the cake for being the most impactful. A glitch is allowing one team to pick the same Valorant agent twice. 

Valorant has its fair share of bugs that get fixed quickly but this brand new bug has left players shook as they witness the impossible. A screenshot shared by G2 Esports’ Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski shows two Astras in one team. The popular streamer and analyst claims that a brand new bug is causing this issue. 

Riot Games has balanced out its hero shooter by preventing teams from picking the same agent twice. This ensures that both teams have balanced agents and a nice mix of abilities. However, this brand new glitch is doing the impossible.

Can you pick an agent twice in Valorant? 

Teams should only be able to have only one player lock in any given agent, but a new bug is removing that limitation. 

This bug is completely game-breaking. Lothar has refused to explain the core of this glitch to avoid replication. However, he’s confirmed that it’s possible to pull this trick off in ranked games. His screenshot showed how deadly it could be in practice as two Astra walls made space for a secure Spike plant on Bind. 

Barring a hotfix from Riot, it’s only a matter of time before this becomes common knowledge. After Lothar’s post, players have already started messing around in the game to find the source. Many think five players hovering on the same agent may lead to a duplicate setup. The chances of this glitch happening are slim but players are probing for ways to duplicate this bug. 

It’s nerve-racking to even think about two Brimstones pulling apart the sky for an Orbital strike. The same goes for Killjoy ultimates, where enemy agents would have no way to run and would then have to deal with multiple turrets. Lothar is definitely doing active Valorant players a favor by keeping the method for this under wraps.

Lothar is hopeful that Riot will deliver an instant fix for this mind-boggling bug. So far, a few have encountered this in-game, and he’s optimistic that the devs will fix it before it becomes more commonplace.