5 reasons for gamers to register on GamStop

By William Davis


May 8, 2022

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Video games started out as a simple form of entertainment meant to be enjoyed by people in their free time. But as the industry has grown, games are now social activities, competitive competitions, and for some, even a job. While most players can control themselves, a few gamers fall victim to their own hobby. Gaming addiction is a serious problem that can lead to long-term mental and psychical health issues.

Regardless of whether someone is addicted to video gaming or online gambling, the results are often the same. The individual and the people around them are typically left with a mound of financial and emotional problems that eventually need to be solved. Luckily, there are several resources addicts can turn to get started with their problem. 

The GamStop Self-Exclusion Option for UK Online Gamblers

While treatment and therapy are valid options for dealing with addiction, self-exclusion remains the most effective option for online gamblers in the UK. 

All licensed UK online gambling sites are required to hold licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. In order to maintain their licenses, UK online operators must subscribe to GamStop Self-Exclusion. The national program serves as a way for UK problem online gamblers to get help for their gambling issues.

Each licensed UK online gambling site that has subscribed to GamStop will typically link to the program on their respective websites. Customers can find those links and voluntarily register with the GamStop program for free. After completing the registration process, registered gamblers can expect to be blocked from accessing any online casinos or sportsbooks that are licensed by the UKGC.

The Self-Exclusion program will not allow anyone in the database from using licenssed betting platforms in the United Kingdom. However, online gamblers do change their minds. When they do, they might want to resume their online gambling activities. Usually they will be blocked from doing so by licensed UK operators. But, there are other options that have no integration with the GamStop database. Getting around GamStop is as simple as finding different non GamStop online casinos accepting Brits.

Is GamStop Available for Video Gamers

While some have proposed for the UKGC to also regulate online gaming sites, it does not at this time. Therefore, the GamStop program is not available to online video gamers. 

If that changes in the future, addicted gamers would then have access to what many experts believe is one of the top self-exclusion programs in the world. 

For a moment, let’s contemplate what would happen if GamStop was available to online video gamers. Here are five reasons why online gamers might want to think about registering with GamStop:

  • It’s a big first step towards dealing with a possible video gaming addiction
  • While some self-exclusion programs are permanent, GamStop allows registered players to choose their own self-exclusion periods from six months to five years
  • GamStop is a good way to take a forced break from harmful online video gaming
  • While video gaming software blockers cost money, GamStop registration is free
  • GamStop is well-respected and recognized throughout the United Kingdom

Since GamStop is not available for the video gaming community, software blockers serve as the next best option for problem gamers. 

NetNanny for Video Gamers

A lot of the software blockers in the UK focus on blocking gambling content. However, ther are also efforts to develop software blockers designed to help gamers get their habit under control. 

There are many gaming blockers available in the UK, but one that seems to stand above the rest. That would be NetNanny

NetNanny has been around since 1993, making it one of the most experienced blocking programs in the world. The software platform was originally created to allow parents to control their children’s internet activity. But with some tinkering, NetNanny can also work on sites for video games. Here is how the NetNanny software platform works. 

NetNanny is available on several platforms including mobile and home computers for a small fee. As a third-party software blocking option, the software is intended to be controlled by a family member or friend, not the video gamer. The controller can set up the program and password, which prevents the addict from accessing the controls themselves. Once set up, the controller can create a list of websites that can be blocked until further notice. 

The one downside that affects all software blockers like NetNanny is that they can only work on enabled devices. If a video gamer is sufficiently motivated, they can resume their online video gaming activities by simply using devices not tied to their NetNanny accounts. Restricting access to other gaming platforms is a significant part of recovering from video game addiction.


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