100 Thieves re-signs Ssumday through 2022 ahead of LCS Summer Split

100 Thieves may have had a rough Spring Split, but they are still confident in Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho. The LCS team re-signed the top laner for two more years. The announcement on Twitter stated that they had "many great memories" with Ssumday and that there are "so many more to come." 

Ssumday has spent over three years playing in North America. He joined Dignitas at the end of 2016 and then 100 Thieves the following year. During his time in the LCS, his biggest achievement was reaching the LCS Finals in the 2018 LCS Spring Split

Unfortunately, 2019 wasn't a continuation of that momentum. Ssumday's team fell off considerably from there, becoming a bottom-three organization in both the Spring and Summer Splits. 2020 started off a bit more promising, but they ended up getting eliminated from the playoffs by TSM

Despite the disappointing ending to the last season, Ssumday stood out as a top talent in the LCS. He had the second-most kills of any LCS top laner and impressed casters and viewers alike with his early-game laning stats. Ssumday told WIN.gg in a post-match interview that one of their strengths was working together as a team. 

The Summer Split begins on June 12 with Friday Night League. 

Meanwhile, Ssumday has been busy streaming for his fans and trying to find a new editor for his YouTube channel.