4 Zoomers vs. Quincy Crew Great American Rivalry betting analysis

By Steven Rondina


Aug 1, 2020

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North American Dota 2 is looking better than it has in a long while. There are a number of different teams that could be competitive at the international level.

Two of those are Quincy Crew and 4 Zoomers. These two teams have both looked solid in recent months and are set to add another chapter to what is becoming a bitter rivalry. They will next face off in one of the opening matchups to the Great American Rivalry playoffs. 

Quincy Crew vs. 4 Zoomers Great American Rivalry playoffs analysis

Quincy Crew may be the best team in NA Dota 2

The North American Dota 2 scene has been shallow over the last couple of years. With Evil Geniuses staying comfortably perched at the top of the scene, a few teams with shifting rosters have been battling for second place.

Quincy Crew might be changing that. The former Chaos Esports Club squad has looked exceptional over the last two months, taking first place in three consecutive North American leagues including ESL One Birmingham, BTS Pro Series Season 2, and OGA Dota PIT League Season 2. Not only that, but the team seems to have found a proper roster for long-term success, putting months of temps and trial players in the past:

  1. Yawar “YawaR” Hassan
  2. Quinn “CCnC” Callahan
  3. Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos
  4. Arif “MSS” Anwar
  5. Avery “SVG” Silverman

The addition of Lelis seems to have been the turning point for Quincy Crew. The Brazilian has been white hot in 2020 and has pushed Quincy Crew to its highest point this season. 

They’ll be looking to continue that trend and keep their winning first-place streak going in the Great American Rivalry.

4 Zoomers shows that teams were wrong to kick Gunnar

Nico “Gunnar” Lopez pulled together a squad of pub stars and North American journeymen to create 4 Zoomers. The team includes the following players:

  1. Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson
  2. Nico “Gunnar” Lopez
  3. Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton
  4. Jacob “Oceania” Gosen
  5. Jacob “Husky” Fifik

The squad posted a surprise first-place finish in its debut at the Dota BEAT Invitational Season 9 and has since posted a similarly strong second-place finish at BTS Pro Series Season 2. The Great American Rivalry may pan out to be the team’s best performance to date, as 4 Zoomers posted a very strong 14-4 record in the group stage. They’ll be looking to prolong that surge in the playoffs.

4 Zoomers vs. Quincy Crew betting odds, predictions

4 Zoomers was actually formed in March, but they’ve faced off seven times within that short stretch of time.  Their head-to-head record stands even, with both teams having three wins apiece, with one draw between them. That number is somewhat skewed as 4 Zoomers got two of those wins in their debut event in the Dota BEAT Invitational Season 9 as Quincy Crew was dealing with various troubles, but 4 Zoomers got the better of their most recent matchup by winning 2-0 in the Great American Rivalry group stage.

Quincy Crew is likely to open as a modest favorite.

This is a tough matchup to call. Quincy Crew has earned its favorite status, but 4 Zoomers has proven that it is capable of beating this team. The safest bet here is that the game will go the distance to three maps. These squads are so evenly matched that it’s tough to imagine a sweep.

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