Apex Legends fans tricked by Respawn with Revenant reveal

Apex Legends' Season 4 trailer has dropped and it's surprisingly violent. 

The new trailer revolves around future legend Revenant and his origin story. The character was leaked in the summer of 2019, a cyborg seemingly straight out of Titanfall 2. His leaked kit includes two "stances," one that turns him into a silent assassin and one that makes him a bit more direct with his offense. 

Revenant was officially teased by Respawn Entertainment in an animated short that features a talk show interview with Forge, who was previously announced as the next legend for Apex Legends Season 4. This trailer shows Revenant seemingly murdering Forge by stabbing him through the chest, spraying blood all over the interviewer.

Though there isn't an official word on this, it seems as though Respawn Entertainment tricked fans with the previous announcement of Forge in order to set up a buzz-worthy debut for Revenant. 

That misdirection excited the Apex Legends community, who had been hoping for Revenant since he was leaked last year. 

Apex Legends Season 4 trailer introduces Revenant for real this time

After that teaser, Apex Legends fans were excited to see Revenant as the focus of the Season 4 trailer. 

It starts out with a hitman getting a new target, a "con man and thief for hire." The target is enjoying a heavily guarded dinner in a skyrise with his wife and daughter when Revenant crashes through the window and starts wreaking havoc. 

The cyborg turns his hand into a knife-like shape and easily cuts right through one of the guards, lifting him into the air and letting him drop into a bloody pile. He takes another guest by the head and grinds the side of his face against the lit-up decor, creating a line of blood across the expensive fixture. 

After being shot at, which seems to do absolutely nothing to him, Revenant reveals his shadow stance. He continues to make easy work of the guards as he works his way towards the target, who is busy protecting his daughter and wife. Not even the biggest guard has a chance. Revenant disappears into a puff of smoke when the guard goes to shoot him between the eyes, reappearing right behind him and snapping his neck. 

Revenent Apex Legends Season 4 trailer

Revenant finally gets ahold of the target and dangles him above the city below. By then his daughter had escaped down an elevator, but it was too late for him. 

"What the hell are you?" the target asks, fear deep within his widenend eyes. 

"Death," he says, snapping the target's neck. 

Walking by a window after the successful assassination, Revenant sees himself in the glass. His reflection is the calm man fans saw at the start of the trailer, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Revenant looks down at his hand, revealing the Hammond Robotics logo, which may be hinting that the company may have turned him into a cyborg the same way they did Forge. 

Most of the comments are already wondering about the daughter, predicting that she'll grow up to be a legend in hopes of getting revenge on Revenant for killing her parents. Others just seemed excited to get their hands on Revenant in Season 4, daring anyone to try and select him first. 

Season 4 will also include a new weapon, the Sentinel, along with Titanfall-inspired map changes. Apex Legends Season 4 begins February 4. 

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