Town of Salem 2: New fake claims for coven members

By Kenneth Williams


May 31, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Town of Salem 2 has thrown a ton of twists into the already-complex metagame, and coven members are starting to develop new fake claims tech to take advantage of the confusion.

Unlike the straightforward mafia, playing coven has always been tricky. You must constantly coordinate with your teammates to win the information war and bait townies into their own deaths. However, this complex machine can quickly fall apart after losing just one member. Learning fake claims is the fastest way to protect both yourself and fellow coven members in Town of Salem 2, and the new roles are the perfect place to start.

Fake Voodoo Master claims by targeting yourself

The Voodoo Master is one of the strongest information controllers in all of Town of Salem 2, and lack of information can be a deadly tool for coven members making fake claims. While typically used to silence key players before killing them, it can also be used to feign innocence and set up kills. This is also one of the simplest tricks in the game to pull off, as it only requires a target and a small amount of coordination.

Before the day, coordinate with the rest of the coven to fake being targeted by the Voodoo Master. Then, literally, go AFK for the rest of the day. The next morning, claim that you were silenced by the Voodoo Master and that you investigated the target and found them suspicious. This will raise some eyebrows if done later in the game, but if done early, it can immediately eliminate a high-priority target while throwing the townies off your trail.

Turn Town of Salem 2 into a ghost town with fake Ritualist claims

The Ritualist is one of the biggest meta-shakers in the Town of Salem 2. Townies who intentionally reveal their role can incidentally secure their own deaths, but this quickly becomes a case of “I know they know I know.” It’s difficult to take advantage of this, but fake role claims from the Ritualists themselves can be both a powerful offensive and defensive tool.

Town of Salem 2 Ritualist

Let’s say you, as the Rituality, get accurately accused of being a coven member. You can easily deflect by picking another townie role, preferably one with a high-stakes ability like Prosecutor or Deputy. It’s likely that another player will come forward to claim the same role. It may require several whisper talks to get the right info, but you can then use that knowledge to kill them instantly that night.

When accused again, claim to have a given a false townie role to protect yourself from the Ritualist. To keep the ruse going, make sure to use this in conjunction with the next tip.

Coordinate with the Enchanter for an airtight alibi 

Let’s say the above two fake claims just won’t cut it for your coven in Town of Salem 2. The next step is to pull off the oldest trick in the book; accusing someone else of being whatever you are. However, this strategy can only work in the short term, as whatever logical trick you pull will quickly backfire even if you’re successful. Of course, this is where the Enchanter role comes in. They have the ability to change the appearance of players’ roles when they die, along with altering their last will.

Here’s an example of a potential Enchanter gambit. Let’s say you’re the Jinx and get rightfully accused by a player with protections. Simply accuse them of being the Jinx with a mildly convincing story. Get another coven member to back up you up by claiming to have visited the same villager. When they die, the Enchanter can make the rest of the players think they were the Jinx, complete with a copy of your last will. This will put you and another coven member in the clear, killing a whole flock of birds with one stone.