All the new roles in Town of Salem 2 explained

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Town of Salem 2 is adding a ton of new roles to its complex web of intrigue.

Developer Blank Media Games has managed to keep the original Town of Salem fresh with years of content updates and DLC, but it has always been the players keeping the game alive. The intricate spiderweb of roles and interactions leaves plenty of room for clever players to trick one another, and the game’s sequel will add even more opportunities.

Keep in mind that many of the roles you’re already familiar with from Town of Salem 1 may have changed quite a bit. The developer took care to make the game mechanically fresh for experienced players, along with improvements to graphics, UI, and customization.

Here are all 22 of the new roles in Town of Salem 2 explained and some tips for how to use their abilities to the fullest.


The Coroner provides a new way to sus out bad actors by linking corpses to their killers. Each day, the Coroner can examine a killed player, performing an autopsy. This doesn’t give any info on its own, but at night, the Coroner can visit a player and learn if they were the killer. This will require some hard reads or savvy social deduction early in the game, but could be used to safely checkmate the Mafia in the later stages.


The Seer is one of the stranger new roles introduced in Town of Salem 2. This Town-aligned character can examine two other players to see if they are on opposing factions. It won’t reveal which player is on which side, but it’s a great way to get accusations flying early on.

Other new classes can manipulate what factions players appear to be aligned with, so picking the same characters two nights in a row isn’t always a bad strategy.


The Deputy is a high-risk, high-reward town role perfect for players with confidence. During the day, a Deputy may perform a powerful attack on a player that ignores basic protections. This is basically an instant kill, but there’s a catch.

If the Deputy kills a town member, both he and their target will die. This is useful for punishing a mafioso for an early mistake or speeding up the trial-and-error process once the game slows down.

Town of Salem 2 new roles Deputy


The Trickster isn’t the new companion to the Jester, as the name implies. Instead, he works as a powerful bait-and-switch option for the townies. On three nights in the game, the Trickster player can redirect attacks on him toward other players.

Once you have your suspicions, you can bait Mafia attacks by claiming another role and then throwing the attack back at them. Be warned: Mafia members are alerted to the trick and there’s no guarantee their new target is guilty.


The new Monarch character is a new alternative to the Mayor. Instead of boosting his own votes, the Monarch can “Knight” other players to build up a defense for himself. By doing so, he confirms his status as a townie and grants an extra vote to his knights.

Monarchs can essentially form a voting block with up to seven total votes, making them a very powerful political condition. He also gets basic defense as long as one knight is left standing.


The new Prosecutor role plays out similarly to the Deputy, but with a key difference. At any time during the day, the Prosecutor player can immediately being a trial for a suspected player, which automatically ends in a guilty verdict.

This is useful for undercutting the voting power of mafia or coven members, but one wrong guess will instantly kill the prosecutor along with their target.


The Cleric essentially functions as a more proactive version of the Doctor. At the start of the Night, the Cleric player chooses one other player to grant Powerful Defense. If attacked, they will most likely survive and be aware that another player protected them. In addition, protecting someone will cure Poison if inflicted by a coven member. Use it to keep VIP town members alive and thwart obvious moves from the mafia


Despite its cute name, the Admirer is one of the most diabolical new roles to play in Town of Salem 2. Once per game, the Admirer can call out another player to marry them. If accepted, both roles are revealed to everyone else in the lobby.

Declining is also announced to the group, immediately leading to suspicion. Keep in mind that marriage brings vulnerability, as one player dying will automatically kill their spouse as well.

Tavern Keeper

Are you certain that a player is a witch or mafia member, but the town refuses to believe you? The Tavern Keeper is the role for you.

Instead of more dynamic action, the barkeep can convince one player to stay for a drink every night, effectively preventing them from executing their role. You can’t pick the same player multiple times in a row, but the Tavern Keeper themself is immune to all role blocks.


The first of the new coven roles in Town of Salem 2 is Dreamweaver. This player can force a townie to go insane by invading their dreams.

If the target isn’t visited by another town member the next night, the insanity takes hold. This forces them to vote and target randomly with all day abilities disabled, effectively killing them while keeping their body alive. With careful coordination, it’s possible to isolate and pick off townies with no one even realizing it.

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The Enchanter is a perfect role for players who prefer the long con. This role can alter how a player’s role and last will appear to the rest of the lobby when they die. However, any edits are cleared if a player is investigated.

For players who understand the last will meta, the Enchanter can throw a massive wrench in everyone’s plans while also baiting the town into thinking they just killed a coven member. Enchanter will probably be the most difficult new coven role to play, but the potential is nearly limitless.


The Illusionist is a new defensive role for the coven designed to keep suspicious townies off your friends’ backs. This class can make one fellow witch nearly immune to all forms of investigation for one night. Sheriffs and Investigators see them as townies, Seers see them as fellow citizens, and Bodyguards outright refuse to interact with them. Set up the perfect crime and cover their tracks to start the game off right.


If you want to announce the enemy as coven with aplomb, the Conjuror can make that happen. During the day, this class can summon a meteor out of nowhere to strike any target, dealing a powerful attack in broad daylight and almost guaranteeing a kill on the target. The attack happening during the day bypasses most protections from the Cleric or Bodyguard, making this a great way to pick off high-priority targets with few possible responses.


The coven doesn’t have many straightforward killing abilities, but the Jinx provides a way to bait confirmed townies. This character lies in wait at a target’s house and attacks anyone that comes to visit them. The catch is that all visiting players learn your identity, so try to avoid the highest-priority player who may get multiple visitors.

This class also becomes insane with the Necronomicon, dealing a basic attack on a visitor and the owner of the house they stalk. Of course, they also inherit the cursed book last.


The Ritualist is another coven class designed to deal with very important persons. Each night, the Ritualist can attempt to guess the role of a town member. If they’re correct, the target will instantly die from an unstoppable attack.

However, if they guess wrong, their status as the Ritualist will immediately be revealed to all players. Force a town member to reveal their role as a defense in a trial, then use that information to guarantee their death.

Voodoo Master

The Voodoo Master is all about information control. Each night, this role can create a doll of another player that prevents them from talking or whispering to other players during the next day cycle. This is incredibly strong, as it can be used to shut down investigators who have become suspicious of your fellow witches. It can’t be used on the same player twice in a row, so be sure to use it to set up a kill the next night.

Just remember that there are other methods of communicating, so coordinate with the Enchanter to take their last will out of the equation too.


The Wildling is a straight-forward role, simply being able to see which town members get visitors each night. This can be relayed to other coven members, allowing them to notice patterns and determine the best kill order. He gets a basic attack each night with the Necronomicon, but that’s really all there is to him.

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The Baker is the first one of the apocalypse roles in Town of Salem 2. These characters use alternate win conditions to force to the town to die, securing victory as the last man standing. Starting as the Baker, this character can give bread to characters each day.

Once three characters have bread, the Baker transforms into Famine. From there, all characters without bread are dealt an unstoppable attack, and that leaves only four players left standing. The remaining members have three days to figure out who Famine is, but the harbinger himself can speed up the starvation process for one player each night, further burning down the clock.


The second new apocalypse role takes a much more hands-on approach than the Baker. The Berserker’s power grows every time he kills a player, but can only attack on nights with a full moon. After the first kill, he can attack each night. After the second, he will kill all of that player’s visitors in addition to the target.

After three murders, he transforms into War. Now he can deal an unstoppable attack each night while also killing all their visitors. Invincible defense means he can only be killed via lynching, so get your political ducks in a row fast when dealing with War.

Soul Collector/Death

The final new apocalypse role is the Soul Collector, who transforms into Death. This player tries to predict which players will die each night, and if correct, he harvests their souls. He also gets passive souls from the Underworld.

Upon reaching six souls, he transforms into Death. This is the hardest win condition to reach for apocalypse characters, but the reward is dealing an unstoppable attack to all living players the night after transformation. This means the townies only have one chance to lynch him before the entire game ends in a flash.


The Doomsayer takes prediction skills to an entirely new level. This new role attempts to guess the roles of three other players each night. This is no easy task, especially since it competes with some coven abilities. However, if correct, the Doomsayer will instantly kill all three players and leave the town in victory. It’s a difficult alternate win condition, but it encourages them to let accusations fly and force innocent players into a corner.


The Shroud is one of the weirdest new roles added in Town of Salem 2. This character can choose to attack or shroud a player each night. Shrouded players will appear as harmful visitors if they choose to go around at night, rousing suspicion at potentially innocent targets. They will also deal a basic astral attack to their host, letting you kill from afar while keeping your own identity wrapped in mystery.


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