2020 Worlds Pass, skins hit League of Legends live servers

Christian Vejvad • October 1, 23:53

The in-game event for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship has hit the live servers, and it includes tons of missions, new skins, URF, and a Clash event with exclusive rewards. 

The anticipated event will be running from October 1 to November 9 and will have a lot of in-game content to try out when the Worlds broadcast is not live. Players will be able to purchase new skins and the Worlds Pass 2020 to earn an assortment of prizes. 

URF makes its return for Worlds 2020 event

It will be possible to grind all the rewards through URF, as the popular game mode is making its return throughout the event. Some Worlds missions require players to play a set amount of games, so grinding URF will complete those missions in no time. 

For the more competitively minded players, Clash will also be available throughout the event and this time it will be even bigger. Clash will start on October 10 and 11 and continue on October 17 and 18. The Worlds Clash event will have a bigger bracket than usual, with 16 total teams. The rewards will also be increased. Teams will be able to earn champion skin shards, skin permanents, and much more depending on the teams’ performance. 

Dragonmancers skin line is now available in LoL 

It wouldn’t be a Worlds event without a new Championship skin. This year, LeBlanc has received the Champion skin and it is now available for purchase for a limited time for 1,350 RP. The skin gives a completely new look to LeBlanc with new in-game effects and a purple theme. 

If the LeBlanc skin wasn’t enough, the new Dragonmancer skin line has also been added to the game. The skin line includes new cosmetics for Lee Sin, Aurelion Sol, Ashe, Brand, and Sett, who also received a prestige edition. The skins are available for 1,350 RP except for Storm Dragon Lee Sin which costs 1,820 RP. 

Lastly, Your Shop has made its return, where players are offered a discount for six skins. The skins are chosen based on recent champions or roles played. In this way, Your Shop will hopefully select some relevant skins that the specific player has been longing for. 

The Worlds event will be available until November 9. 


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