Wraith and Nomad link in Apex Legends discussed by developers

If there's one thing Apex Legends fans love more than playing the game, it's data mining it. 

Redditor FrozenFroh is back with another prediction. The infamous data miner is responsible for leaking a variety of information about the game. This includes Kings Canyon's breaking Repulsors and the subsequent invasion of Leviathans. FrozenFroh also predicted Wattson's lore. 

Now, FrozenFroh is returning to Reddit to discuss Wraith's "Night Terror" skin and how it relates to Nomad, an unreleased legend. 

According to his in-depth post, her "Night Terror" skin features bones and markings similar to concept art leaked of Nomad. His photo also points out that Wraith's outfit has a tag that reads "Nomad Tech," which may point at further connections to the unrevealed legend. 

The dataminer also believes that Wraith's face paint includes Nomadic markings with specific meanings, including a marking that means "warding off evil spirits." 

Apex Legends Wraith skin leak Nomad

Respawn Entertainment's development team couldn't help but make some comments on the Reddit post. 

"The tinfoil saga continues! I love these posts so much, its awesome to see someone so intereted in the lore that they would go to the effort to make this. Keep it up," the developer said. 

Of course, this neither confirms nor denies the fan theory. 

Who is Nomad?


After an update on March 6, data miner Shrugtal, discovered information in the game's files that hinted at new weapons and legends. In fact, this was also shared on Reddit by FrozenFroh.  

Apex Legends leaked legends

The data miners also found additional files that possibly point at a Nomad ability called Loot Compass.

At the time, Respawn Entertainment community manager JayFresh said that while it was all fun to speculate over, nobody should treat it as a "source of truth." He went on to note that many of the things that data miners shared were just prototypes, many of which may never actually be released into the game.

But with FrozenFroh's theories becoming reality so far, it's not a far stretch to assume that Wraith's new skin may in fact be a hint at what's to come when Nomad is fully released. 

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