Respawn Entertainment offers more hints for Apex Legends Season 2

Olivia Richman • June 26, 2019 9:39 pm

Apex Legends fans are already hard at work deciphering the most recent teaser for the game’s highly anticipated second season. 

Revealed in the form of a tweet, developers Respawn Entertainment showed off a “service report” for the much talked about Repulsor Tower location of Kings Canyon. The teaser states that there’s been an issue with the location described as a “wildlife intrusion” of the area. This led to “standard wear and tear.” 

Soon after the tweet was published, the Repulsor Tower was turned on in-game. Players can now see the devices spinning and moving. 

This all coincides with fan theories that the Leviathans will be wreaking havoc on the map come Season 2 on July 2. These massive, mysterious creatures have been slowly moving towards the land throughout the past few months. The only thing holding them back was the Repulsor Tower, which now seems to have gone awry. 

While Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that something’s going on, these teasers have definitely created more questions than answers. But it’s still clear that some major in-game event will be happening come July. 

Data miners have been hard at work attemping to figure out what exactly will happen when Season 2 drops. According to some recently hacked game files, the Repulsor Tower will be “hacked” by the end of the first season. This will cause the map to be significantly changed, as water and creatures make their way into Kings Canyon. 

While Wattson has already been confirmed earlier this month, the files also hint at another upcoming legend named Crypto. Despite no official announcement from Respawn, fans are already speculating that he’ll arrive during Season 2 as well. 

While the mysterious messages have been hyping up Apex Legend’s fanbase, many players are still left wondering if Season 2 will address the many bugs that have plauged the first season. 


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