PUBG Nations Cup to see the best players compete for $500,000

A global PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tournament is coming in August. The PUBG Nations Cup, to be held at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul, South Korea, will boast a $500,000 prize pool. 

"The PUBG Nations Cup will turn the capital city of esports into the battle royale capital of the world," the announcement said. 

From August 9-11, PUBG teams from 16 countries will compete for the money, the title, and the right to say that their country is the best in the world at PUBG. Each four-player squad will be comprised of that country's top players as chosen by their peers in the PUBG pro scene.

Their country's honor is on the line, according to PUBG Esport's official video. 

"Nations Cup, the first PUBG-hosted global esports event of the year, is the embodiment of international competition, which brings together the top players from around the world to represent their countries,” PUBG Corporation director of central esports Jake Sin said. 

Lack of official tournament support throughout PUBG's existence has caused many esports organizations to drop their PUBG teams, and sometimes to look to other battle royales with a bit more consistent esports action on offer. But a high skill tournament like the Nations Cup, with a hefty amount of prize money on the line, is sure to spice up PUBG's esports scene, which is already beginning to see more action than ever before. 

PUBG Nations Cup

July boasts the GLL Grand Slam in Stockholm and the MET Asia Series in Bangkok. The PUBG Classics events will reward top teams' home region with a slot at the PUBG Global Championship. Nations Cup is the last international event before the start of PUBG Esport's Phase 3 in September. 

This will be a tournament that has the best players in the world fighting for a spot in the Global Championship. Taking place in November, the international tournament boasts a $2 million prize pool. 

“Nations Cup will close out an exciting summer of PUBG esports and we look forward to continuing that momentum throughout the rest of the year," Sin said. 

Teams with the most placement points and kill points combined will ultimately decide the "mightiest PUBG nation." 

Fans can catch all of the action here

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