New Storm Rising audio could hint at more new Overwatch content

A new audio file relating to the current Storm Rising event has been revealed by the official Overwatch Twitter account.

The file continues the ongoing Storm Rising storyline and makes reference to future events that could reveal more content for the game.

Much like the initial event announcement, the clip revealed is an audio recording from the Overwatch Archives. Instead of a clip detailing the mission outline, this time the clip reveals some extra information about the mission’s target, Maximillian.

Set after the events of the PvE mode currently available in-game, the sound clip is an interview with the Omnic character after heroes Mercy, Genji, Tracer, and Winston apprehend him. The team inquire as to the shady “introduction” referenced during the event, and the audio clip confirms that the introduction is with character Doomfirst.

During the recording, Maximillian informs the group that they can have the meeting that they are looking for in three weeks time in Singapore. Many fans have speculated that this means that Singapore may be the next map in game, as the location has minimal relevance to existing in-game modes.

With the third anniversary of Overwatch due at the end of next month, it seems even more likely that there could be new content on the way. The tease of the Singapore location could be anything from new lore to new in-game content.

Lead writer Michael Chu commented on Twitter that the audio interview was a lead up to a previously released short. In 2017, the Overwatch team released the origin story shot for Doomfirst. During the video, the damage hero is seen fighting Winston, Tracer, and Genji. According to Chu, this is the meeting in Singapore arranged during the newly available interview audio.

This could mean that no extra content will be released, as the interview might simply serve to tie two separate pieces of lore together. But there’s still a chance that we see more content around this area in the future, as it is clearly an important location in the story behind Overwatch.

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