100 Thieves takes down FlyQuest, move to semifinals

By Melany Moncada


Aug 26, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

100 Thieves qualified for the NA LCS semifinals after defeating FlyQuest in a one-sided affair.

FlyQuest jumped into the rift with a newfound confidence that proved short-lived, as the team that finished eighth in the spring couldn’t stop 100 Thieves from rolling through them.

Game one was all about the junglers. Andy “AnDa” Hoang started the action with a gank in the top lane for 100 Thieves. Lucas Tao “Santorin” Kilmer Larsen focused in the bottom lane, securing a triple kill to keep his team in the game.

FlyQuest had the neutral objectives on its favor thanks to Santorin’s strong presence in the map, but 100 Thieves proved far better at fighting. FlyQuest secured a baron but still couldn’t withstand the pressure from 100 Thieves, who opened the FlyQuest base at 28 minutes and destroyed the nexus shortly after.

Game two started on a more positive note for FlyQuest, but 100 Thieves was quick to turn things around. Once again, 100 Thieves was better in team fights with perfect engages from Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho’s Ornn. The spring runner-up secured a baron buff and laid siege to the enemy base. After an ace at 32 minutes, 100 Thieves secured another win.

Facing match point, FlyQuest decided to focus the top lane in game three. This allowed the team to grow an early advantage, leading to a baron and a resulting siege of their own.

100 Thieves held FlyQuest off long enough to reset the game state, and after catching Santorin wandering outside their base, 100 Thieves secured their own baron buff and an elder drake to match it. This was enough for a final push, the win, and a pass to semifinals.

100 Thieves will now prepare to face Team Liquid in the next stage of the playoffs.


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