100 Thieves’ Asuna tops NA Valorant Leaderboard, secures two spots

Fariha Bhatti • February 8, 19:48

100 Thieves’ Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk has emerged as the best player in North American region, as shown on Valorant leaderboard. The player secured two spots on the top with an excellent rating.

Riot Games’ tac-shooter has all the right ingredients for a cut-throat first-person game. The developer’s recent addition of regional leaderboards only added to the competitive experience of its shooter. Players are sparing no effort to climb ranks and reach the top of leaderboards in their regions.

In Episode 2, Riot Games’ added regional leaderboards replacing the previous monthly leaderboard. Top Radiants are now continuously changing, but consistent performance can help retain your position. While this new update makes evaluating individual performance easier, the competition has become fierce. Landing a spot on top 10 is a colossal milestone after Act II.

Amidst the challenging race, 100 Thieves’ Asuna hasn’t only burst into the top 10 but has acquired two top slots for himself. The Duelist player’s alternate account, haley, currently ranks on number one and the main account 100T Asuna ranks second in the North American region. The player boosts 868 points on his main account. His alternate account secured the second spot after a tough-knit fight with Sentinel’s Jay “sinatraa” Won who has 845 points, same as Asuna.

Reaching high ranks in a solo queue is a rare occurrence in Valorant. Asuna had some help from other players who supported him throughout his journey.

The 100 Thieves’ duelist has outdone the likes of Michael “poiz” Possis and bankroft, former top-ranked players in NA. Safe to say, his journey to the top wasn’t an easy one as skill ceiling in Valorant has started to grow considerably. Especially in NA, tons of teams have entered the competition with skilled Valorant professionals who are shaping the nascent scene.

While retaining a spot on the leaderboard is a task in itself, Asuna’s promising performance across different tournaments warrants his long-stay in top 10. The youngster joined 100 Thieves in October. Since then, he’s remained a key player in 100 Thieves and is also pegged as one of the best duelists. With Asuna’s assistance, the North American team bested TSM, finishing first at First Strike: North America.

The young star is in competition with accomplished Valorant players like FaZe Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen, poiz, Nv Food. It’d be interesting to see if Asuna succeeds to hold onto his spot with competent players in a race for number one rank on leaderboard.


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